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Clarity partners with Hestia Clinical (UK) ››

Clarity Locums is delighted to announce their partnership with Hestia Clinical...

A Locums guide to LinkedIn ››

A guide to LinkedIn for locums working with a locum agency

Enviropharm - the first 18 months and beyond ››

Locum pharmacist, Niall Barnwell, founded Enviropharm on the eve of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite...

Small Steps for a Great First Shift as Locum Pharmacist ››

Top tops for working your first locum pharmacist shift

Tips for Improving Disposal of Your Unused Pills and Potions Safely Study ››

Tips for Improving Disposal of Your Unused Pills and Potions Safely)

Locum account set up and locum Q and A webinar series ››

A webinar to help pharmacists and technicians who are interested in starting locuming get set up with our clients and get the most out of our app.

Sept 2021: Add locum shifts to your personal calendar ››

Locums can now add locum pharmacist and locum technician shifts to their personal calendars

How to find the best locum jobs ››

Some pharmacists prefer to work full-time in one pharmacy and others prefer to travel as much a...

Aug 2021: New Locum App Launch ››

Improved locum app speed - locum booking details - swap locum shifts - locum availability and unavailability - locum payment details

Managing efficient pharmacy teams ››

In today's competitive environment, managing an effective pharmacy team can make all the difference...


We have just been notified of an attempt made by fraudsters to attempt to divert payments to a UK...

Career Consultations for Jobseekers ››

Are you looking for a new job opportunity or taking the next step in your career...


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