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Agency Nurses: Get training costs covered with Clarity Locums.

Agency Nurses - Get your training costs paid when you work through Clarity Locums

At Clarity, we are privileged to collaborate with exceptional agency nurses every day. Their dedication, compassion, and expertise form the cornerstone of our healthcare system. In recognition of their invaluable contributions, we are committed to giving back and demonstrating our heartfelt appreciation for their hard work.

One way we strive to support nurses is by offering a unique opportunity to reclaim their CPI (Crisis Prevention Intervention) training costs. This initiative not only serves as a token of gratitude but also reflects our ongoing commitment to their professional development and well-being.

In essence, our CPI training cost reimbursement program is more than just a financial incentive. It's a testament to our unwavering support for agency nurses and a reflection of our gratitude for their tireless dedication to patient care. At Clarity Locums, we are honoured to stand alongside nurses as they continue to make a positive impact on the lives of others, and we remain committed to supporting them every step of the way.

Clarity Locums are a HSE approved provider and have access to 1000 of shifts on a monthly basis. There are many great reasons to work as an agency nurse through Clarity, for more information you can read our blog “10 Reasons to work with Clarity Locums as an agency nurse in 2024”

For more information or to speak with one of our team please confidentiality today - please feel free to reach out!

Please call us 012118840

Email - nursing@claritylocums

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Posted on 20 May 2024
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