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Rossie to Aussie: Month Three Update ››

In this video, Fergal shares stories from the European roads—breathtaking routes, unforeseen challenges, and the remarkable individuals he encountered.

Careers for Pharmacists in Ireland’s Pharmaceutical Industry ››

Ireland is a global hub for the pharmaceutical industry, home to some of the world's leading pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies. This thriving sector offers a myriad of career opportunities for pharmacists looking to transition from traditional pharmacy roles to dynamic positions within the pharmaceutical industry.

The Vital Importance of Self-Care for Nurses ››

Nursing is a profession of compassion and dedication, providing vital support to patients. However, nurses must also prioritise their own well-being. At Clarity Locums, we emphasize the importance of self-care for nurses. Here's why it's essential:

June HSE Salary Scale Update ››

The recent update to the HSE Salary Scale represents a significant advancement in the industry, recognising the hard work and dedication of healthcare professionals with improved compensation and recognition.

CPI Safety Intervention Training - July Date ››

Clarity Locums is delighted to announce another round of CPI Safety Intervention training in partnership with CPI (Crisis Prevention Institute) and are delighted to be hosting events in July!

Benefits of being an Agency HCA / Student Nurse ››

With the demand for skilled professionals soaring, agencies like Clarity Locums step in as beacons of opportunity and support, offering not only employment but a pathway to personal and professional fulfilment.

Newly Qualified? Consider Agency Nursing Now! ››

Discover everything you need to know about Agency Nursing with Clarity Locums.

Leading the way with Locum Pharmacist Training ››

Let Clarity cover the cost of your course!

Welcome Lo’s Pharmacy Group to Clarity Locums! ››

We are excited to partner with Lo’s Pharmacy Group, a family-run chain of 39 pharmacies in Yorkshire and Lancashire. This collaboration offers great opportunities for our locum pharmacists and dispensers. Stay tuned for job openings and more details!

DispenSense System Training: Revolutionising Pharmacy Efficiency ››

Join Clarity Locums next Wednesday, 6:30-8:30 pm, for DispenSense training. Learn how it can enhance your pharmacy with better time management, dispensing checks, real-time updates, and secure cloud storage. Register now to streamline your workflow!

Our New Outdoor Campaign in Dublin ››

At Clarity Locums, we understand agency nurses. Look for our new ads on Luas columns and bus shelters across Dublin, highlighting exciting opportunities. Take control of your career with Clarity Locums!

Navigating Contract Delays Amid Election Uncertainty: A Guide for Locum Pharmacists ››

The general election announcement has raised concerns about delays in 2024/25 pharmacy contract talks, which Community Pharmacy England (CPE) fears could further strain operations.


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