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MSc Clinical Pharmacy in UCC (Ireland) ››

At Clarity Healthcare, we know the importance of highly skilled and differentiated professionals in the job market. In this sense, we would like to introduce you to the MSc course at UCC.

Agency Nurses: Get training costs covered with Clarity Locums. ››

At Clarity Locums, we value the dedication and expertise of our agency nurses. To show our appreciation, we offer reimbursement for Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) training costs, supporting their professional growth and well-being.

Locum Pharmacist opportunities in the Republic of Ireland ››

Are you a skilled pharmacist seeking flexibility and rewarding career opportunities? Look no further than the picturesque landscapes and bustling cities of the Republic of Ireland. With its growing healthcare sector and demand for qualified professionals, Ireland presents a wealth of opportunities for locum pharmacists.

The Importance of CPD for Locum Pharmacists ››

In pharmacy's dynamic world, locum pharmacists are key, needing adaptability and ongoing learning. Yet, Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is often sidelined in their busy schedules. This post emphasises CPD's importance for locum pharmacists, its career benefits, and the need to prioritise it.

Transforming Nursing Uniforms with Happythreads ››

Clarity Locums and Happythreads Scrubs have partnered to revolutionize nurse attire. Happythreads offers comfort, durability, and style with breathable fabric and ample pockets. With an exclusive discount code, nurses can sign up for attire that celebrates professionalism and dedication.

Introducing Our New Rostering Feature: Streamlining Pharmacy Operations ››

Introducing our new Rostering feature! Seamlessly integrated into your online portal, it streamlines pharmacy scheduling with 10% agency fee discounts, customisable rosters, and effortless staff scheduling.

Introducing the Compliance Clinic ››

Introducing the Compliance Clinic by Clarity Locums: Simplifying Healthcare Compliance for Nurses. Join now for personalised guidance from experts, streamlining your licensing and credentialing process.

Breaking Ground: Indie Pharmacies Leading the Way with Novavax COVID Jab ››

In a historic move, independent pharmacies in the UK lead the rollout of the Novavax COVID jab, with Shaunak's Pharmacy in East London at the forefront. This milestone underscores the resilience of the sector and invites locum pharmacists to contribute to public health efforts.

Revolutionising Pharmacy Staffing at the IPU Annual Conference ››

Clarity Locums, a leader in pharmacy staffing solutions across the UK and Ireland, is gearing up to unveil its latest offerings at the Irish Pharmacy Union Annual Conference in Athlone this weekend.

Celebrating Nurses with Clarity Locums on International Nurses Day 2024 ››

As International Nurses Day 2024 approaches, we celebrate the theme "Empowering Nurses: Strengthening Healthcare Systems." At Clarity Locums, we honour and empower our nurses with gratitude and admiration.

The Importance of Locum Pharmacists ››

Locum pharmacists are crucial in community pharmacies, offering vital support and flexibility to meet staffing needs in the UK and Ireland. Let's explore their invaluable role.

Rossie to Aussie: A Month of Cycling Adventures and 10 months more! ››

Hey everyone, it's Fergal! Over a month ago, I started my Rossie to Aussie cycling challenge through 25 countries to Australia. Your support keeps me going. Stay tuned for more updates on my adventures!


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