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Introducing Our New Rostering Feature: Streamlining Pharmacy Operations ››

Introducing our new Rostering feature! Seamlessly integrated into your online portal, it streamlines pharmacy scheduling with 10% agency fee discounts, customisable rosters, and effortless staff scheduling.

Celebrating Nurses with Clarity Locums on International Nurses Day 2024 ››

As International Nurses Day 2024 approaches, we celebrate the theme "Empowering Nurses: Strengthening Healthcare Systems." At Clarity Locums, we honour and empower our nurses with gratitude and admiration.

Locum Account Set Up and Q&A Evening ››

Join us for an insightful evening on Wednesday February 14th at 7:30PM, as Clarity Locums hosts a special webinar focusing on locum accounts set up, followed by a Q&A session.

App Update: Raising Payment Queries ››

Resolve payment issues with our most recent app update

Help Improve the Clarity Locums App! ››

Share you ideas and help us create the perfect, user-friendly app!

Save Multiple Search Criteria and Simply Booking Shifts! ››

Save valuable time and search your multple search criteria with our latest update.

App Recap: Querying and Verifying Shifts ››

Learn how to verify and query your completed locum shifts

New Features on the Clarity Locums App ››

Check out our newest features for 2023!

Clarity Plus - Locum Pharmacist Rewards Programme ››

Get more from your locuming experience with ClarityPLus

Locum App Recap: Email Notifications ››

Missing emails about shifts and availability? Make sure your settings are up to date!

Refer a Locum Pharmacist with Clarity Locums ››

Earn extra cash by referring a locum Pharmacist!

Swapping Locum Shifts via Our App ››

Avoid cancelling shifts, and swap with another locum instead

App Recap: Enquire Before Booking Shifts ››

Get more information before you apply for your shift!

App Recap: Applying for Locum Shifts ››

New to Clarity Locums? Find out how to apply for shifts using our app!

Clarity Locums App Recap: Negotiating Locum Rates ››

Want to see if you can get a bit more cash for your locum shift? Here's how!

Locum App Recap: Pharmacy Location Finder ››

Never get lost on your way to a locum shift again!

Locums App Recap: Map Listing View (July 2022) ››

Reminder on how to use our map view feature on the Clarity Locums app

Locum App Recap: 2 Factor Authentication (July 2022) ››

Add an extra layer of security to your Clarity Locums account with 2 factor authentication

New Locums App Updates: Postcode Search & More! ››

New features added to the Clarity Locums app

Locum App: Uploading Documents (June 2022) ››

A quick reminder on how to upload documents on the Clarity Locums app!

Locums App Recap - Notification Range (June 2022) ››

Set your own notification range with the Clarity Locums app

June 2022: App Recap - Availability ››

A new month is here! Make sure you know how to update your availability to get the most out of our app for Summer!

June 2022: App Recap - Locum Profile ››

Stand out to employers! Use our app to fill in your locum profile and book shifts.

May 2022: App Recap - View a Pharmacy's Upcoming Shifts ››

A reminder on how to use our apps' features

May 2022: App Recap - Saving Search Criteria ››

The first in our series of app refresher posts

April 2022: On Call Feature Reminder ››

Free tomorrow? Don't forget to go on call.

Feb 2022: New Locum App Launch ››

We’re delighted to announce the launch of the latest version of our locum app!

Sept 2021: Add locum shifts to your personal calendar ››

Locums can now add locum pharmacist and locum technician shifts to their personal calendars

Aug 2021: New Locum App Launch ››

Improved locum app speed - locum booking details - swap locum shifts - locum availability and unavailability - locum payment details

July 2021: Locum profile's and shareable locum referal links ››

Set up your locum profile and unique referal landing page

May 2021: New Locum app feature - Running late ››

Our latest locum app feature, allows locum to let us know when they are running late for their bookings

March 2021: New locum booking system updates ››

Our latest booking system updates making booking days securely even easier than before

Feb 2020: New locum app update ››

The latest update to our locum app makes life even easier for locums working Ireland's number one agency

Dec 2020: Request call-back on permanent jobs ››

New app feature - request call-back

Aug 2020: New Client Feature - approved locums ››

Thanks to feedback from clients we are pleased to be launching our approved locum feature thi...

July 2020: New in app document upload interface ››

Our latest app, launched earlier today features a new, enhanced document upload interface that...

June 2020: New app feature - In App Chat ››

Our latest app release, launched this morning, now integrates with our web chat partner Intercom...

June 2020: Request a Locum ››

Following feedback from clients, we have added a new feature that allows you to request specific...

June 2020: In app cancellations ››

Our new app updated, launched this morning, now allows locums to cancel booked days.Bookings must...

May 2020: New Locum App Launch ››

Our new locum app, released this morning, has three new features to increase user friendliness.

May 2020: New cancelation button ››

We have developed a cancelation feature that allows locums to cancel days

May 2020: Cancelation follow ups ››

we have upgraded our system so that all locums who are canceled for a confirmed day will now be preferentially texted and emailed

April 2020: New client app ››

THE WAIT IS OVERLast April when we launched our new booking system we did not include a client app...

April 2020: New app and website features! ››

We have just launched a number of new features that have made searching for and organising your...

Feb 2020: Plan your journey before you apply ››

Another week, another new app feature!Following on from last week's directions link feature, we...

Feb 2020: New system updates! ››

After a busy start to the year, our tech team has been busy rolling out new features and tweaks to...

Feb 2020: New app feature - locum shift listing interface ››

Following feedback from locums, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new shift listing...

Oct 2019: New locum app update ››

Clarity Locums are delighted to announce that we have just updated our app, this update is live on...

Oct 2019: New feature - Availability ››

We have just launched our new availability function on our website.This means you can notify us of...

Sept 2019: Important - New website feature - Negotiation ››

We have just launched a powerful new feature on our website allowing you to negotiate the rate that...

May 2018: Clarity Reinvented - Launching our BRAND NEW App and Website! ››

As the Managing Director at Clarity Locums, I will always remain accountable for the performance of...


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