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Top Tips for Being a Stellar Locum Pharmacist in Ireland ››

At the heart of Clarity Locums’ mission is ensuring we place top-tier locum pharmacists with pharmacies across the UK and Ireland. We aim to deliver an outstanding service, and a significant part of achieving this lies with you, our dedicated locums.

Introducing Our New Rostering Feature: Streamlining Pharmacy Operations ››

Introducing our new Rostering feature! Seamlessly integrated into your online portal, it streamlines pharmacy scheduling with 10% agency fee discounts, customisable rosters, and effortless staff scheduling.

The Importance of Locum Pharmacists ››

Locum pharmacists are crucial in community pharmacies, offering vital support and flexibility to meet staffing needs in the UK and Ireland. Let's explore their invaluable role.

Your First Locum Pharmacist Shift: How to succeed! ››

Starting your first locum pharmacist shift? Trust Clarity Locums for expert guidance. Our beginner's guide ensures a confident and professional start to your career.

Locum Information Evening with Clarity Locums. ››

Clarity Locums welcomes you to join us for an enriching evening dedicated to all things pharmacy locuming.

IPU's Sponsored Course ››

Transform your pharmacy into a safe haven with the Irish Pharmacy Union's sponsored course on "Understanding Domestic Abuse and Coercive Control, Creating a Safe Environment for Disclosure"

New Rostering Feature ››

To kick off the new year we're excited to announce our client feature launch with our exciting new rostering feature.

Locum Account Set Up and Q&A Evening ››

Join us for an insightful evening on Wednesday February 14th at 7:30PM, as Clarity Locums hosts a special webinar focusing on locum accounts set up, followed by a Q&A session.

Types of Pharmacist jobs in New Zealand ››

With over 50 million prescription drugs dispensed each year in New Zealand, pharmacists are vital...

Working as a Pharmacist in New Zealand ››

New Zealand is known for its beautiful beaches and wonderful scenery, good weather and excellent...

Clarity Locums opens New Zealand branch | locum agency New Zealand ››

Clarity Locums first franchise opens in Auckland, New Zealand.


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