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Top Tips for Being a Stellar Locum Pharmacist in Ireland

Top Tips for Being a Stellar Locum Pharmacist in Ireland

At the heart of Clarity Locums’ mission is ensuring we place top-tier locum pharmacists with pharmacies across the UK and Ireland. We aim to deliver an outstanding service, and a significant part of achieving this lies with you, our dedicated locums.
With over 14 years of experience booking locums, we've gathered valuable insights on what makes a locum exceptional and how to secure more work. Here are our top tips tailored for our locum pharmacist audience:

Honour Your Commitments

Only accept bookings you can fulfil. The flexibility of being a locum allows you to choose your working hours, but once you’ve accepted a booking, it's crucial to see it through. Plan your holidays, appointments, and leisure time in advance. If you decide to take a permanent position, be mindful of your existing bookings and communicate this during your interview. This displays a commitment to professionalism to your prospective employer and keeps the door open for future locum opportunities.

Strive for Excellent Feedback

Delivering excellent service and securing positive feedback will lead to more booking offers.

Keep Us Updated

Maintaining an up-to-date availability diary at least six weeks in advance is vital. When our clients post their locum shifts online, your availability will be determine what shafts are automatically pushed to you via the app and email / SMS .

Be Flexible

Occasionally, clients may request a change in your booking location (within reason). Accommodating these requests builds a strong reputation, making you a preferred choice for future bookings.

Be Available During the Summer

The summer months, especially from May to August, are peak times for locum work. If your schedule allows, consider taking your holidays in winter. Being available in the summer can lead to more opportunities and extra income.

Stay Prepared

Essential items such as breakdown cover, a sat nav, and a functional spare tyre are crucial, particularly in winter. Additionally, a smartphone with Google Maps is recommended for navigating to branches on foot.

Posted on 31 May 2024 by Anthony O'Neill MPSI
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