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TouchStore Training - COMING SOON! ››

Practice using the TouchStore software before you book shifts!

Returning to Nurse in Ireland after Travelling ››

Returning home as an expat nurse? Discover the benefits of agency nursing and practical tips for adjusting to life back in Ireland.

Summer Locum GP Roles: Travel, Work, & Get Paid! ››

Interested in exploring Ireland this summer? Why not do it while you work!

Building Client Relationships with Clarity ››

Learn more about why we focus on building and maintaining quality relationships with our clients.

How to Create the Perfect Nursing Portfolio ››

Discover the significance of a nursing portfolio in highlighting your professional growth, skills, and accomplishments.

Registering Clarity Locums as your Employer (Republic of Ireland Only) ››

Looking to avoid getting emergency taxed? Learn how to set Clarity up as your employer today!

Why Work with Clarity (UK) ››

Fill your vacancies with our new UK permanent recruitment department!

Types of Permanent Roles Available with Clarity (UK) ››

Ready to swap locuming for a full time position? We're hiring!

Permanent Opportunities for UK Pharmacists ››

Clarity is expanding our Permanent Recruitment department into the UK!

Fire Safety Training | Agency Nursing ››

As part of Clarity’s continued commitment to supporting our agency nurses, we are delighted to provide training support for Fire Safety Training.

What Else Could You Be Spending Your PSI Registration Fees On? ››

Have Clarity Locums pay your registration fees!

Relocating to Ireland from the UK as a Locum Pharmacist ››

Looking for new job opportunities? Why not head to Ireland!


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