Belfast training day recap

Aug 30, 2019

Belfast training day recap

Republic of Ireland Pharmacist training day

On Wednesday the 28th of August, Belfast's Crowne Plaza hotel was the venue for an intensive day's training for pharmacists wishing to practice in the Republic of Ireland. The course, hosted by Clarity Locums in partnership McCauley Health and Beauty, provided attendees with valuable insight and guidance regarding a variety of challenges facing pharmacists as they adapt to the Republic's legislative and administrative systems.

Delivered by Ayo Onamusi, founder of Excellent Pharmacist Academy, the course focused on four core modules.

  • Legal: The legislation within the Republic of Ireland which governs the supply of medication.

  • Administrative: How legal acts are administered and followed on a day to day basis.

  • Technology and Dispensing: The technology and dispensing systems commonly used in the Republic.

  • PCRS/Schemes: The various schemes, charges, and reimbursements which fund and underpin the supply of medication.

While community pharmacy in the Republic of Ireland is often more complicated than in other countries, the thorough breakdown and explanation of several key areas provided by the speakers greatly simplified a potentially daunting transition. 

As the numbers considering practice in the Republic of Ireland grows in the face of Brexit, Clarity Locums strives to offer the best facilitation and guidance available to help pharmacists navigate this change in work environment and practices. We are committed to providing clients with the necessary training and information at every step in the process, including support in entering the job market. Our wide variety of training resources, including face to face consultations, locum knowledge tests, software training, and e-learning modules, ensure that pharmacists previously unfamiliar with the Republic's practices will soon possess both the knowledge and skills required to excel. 

If you are a pharmacist considering a future in the Republic of Ireland, or already in the process of making the change, Clarity Locums are ready to help you make the next chapter of your career a successful one.  

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