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Republic of Ireland FAQs


How does it work?

Locuming with Clarity is easier than ever. Register online in seconds, select your area and your maximum working distance range, and relevant vacancies will be pushed to you in real-time. View, apply and book within seconds!

I’m a self-employed locum in the Republic of Ireland, how does this work?

We only engage with self-employed locums who work through Contracting Plus. You can enquire more about their services here.

When do I get paid for my locum day?

All locum shifts worked in any given calendar month are paid to the locum on the 15th of the following calendar month. The payment will arrive in your account by that afternoon.

Why do I need to verify my timesheets?

If there is an error or you worked extra hours, simply submit a query and we will deal with it straight away. Verification of your timesheets ensures you are paid correctly.

When do my timesheets need to be verified?

Timesheets should be verified on or before the end of the month worked.

What are the advantages of working as a Contractor?

Working as a contractor in the Republic of Ireland allows you to access higher rates of pay per hour with your locum day and claim expenses.

When are contractors paid?

All contracting locum days worked in any given calendar month are paid to the locum on the 10th of the following calendar month. The payment will arrive in your account by that afternoon . Timesheets should be verified by the end of the month worked. E.G. All days worked in January will be paid on the 10th of February

How do I cancel a shift with Clarity Locums

If you need to cancel a shift we would ask that you attempt to source an alternative locum.

If this is not possible, and the booking is outside of three working days, you can request a cancellation via the website by clicking the "Request Cancellation" button. To submit the request you will need to provide a reason for the cancellation. Once this request has been submitted your day will be canceled.

Cancellations with less than three working days' notice must be rung into the office on 01 532 5441 and followed up with an email to confirm the request.

It is your responsibility to follow the steps below to ensure your cancellation is communicated to the agency and that confirmation of cancellation is received.


Please call the office on 01 532 5441 and dial 1 for the locum team. Out of hours, please transfer to the emergency line and wait for an answer. You cannot leave a voicemail under any circumstances. You must speak with a member of staff.


Please email the staff member you spoke to in step one to confirm the cancellation. Your cancellation is only complete once you have received an email from Clarity Locums confirming your cancellation. Cancellations with less than three days' notice must be accompanied by a sick note or a full explanation of the circumstances that have led to the short notice cancellation.

Repeated short notice cancellations will result in disciplinary action against you and may result in termination of your account with Clarity Locums.


How to add a shift or vacancy?

Clarity makes it easier than ever to book a locum. You can login to manage all of your own shifts or simply email us with your requirements and let us handle the rest. Whether you’re a single pharmacy independent, or a large chain multiple with a group of rota coordinators, Clarity will meet every requirement.

Can I get a locum pharmacist or technician even at short notice?

Of course. Clarity offers the most rapid vacancy notification platform available anywhere - within seconds listing a shift, it is immediately pushed to all of our pharmacists within the locality. We also, always have a pool of locums ‘on-call’ for last minute and emergency shifts.

Can I manage my own locums via the Clarity platform?

Yes, you can login to manage your own bookings, add as many branches as necessary and list as many shifts as you require. You’ll be immediately notified of new applications, where you can view and book yourself as appropriate.

Will you confirm with me before booking the locum?

We never book a locum without confirming with the client first. You’ll be asked to confirm the applicants for each of your shifts via email, or you can manage your pending applications via the client dashboard area.

How do I book a locum during weekends or holiday periods?

Clarity remains ‘always contactable’ via telephone or email. If however, you need to list a shift during a holiday period or other emergency, our client login facility gives you full control of your account and bookings. You can be confident that as soon as you list a new vacancy, it is automatically distributed to our relevant audience.

Need anything?

First of all check out our FAQs section, it might just have what you need.

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