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Meet the Team: Pamela Gaba - Agency Nurse Coordinator

Pamela is our newest addition in the team as Agency Nurse Coordinator!

Backed up with vast experience and exposure to different industries and work setting, both corporate and operations, Pamela has honed her skills to ensure smooth and unparalleled services are provided, candidates time are prioritised and healthcare workforce are filled.

Pamela has over 14 years of work experience in different industries: Tourism and Entertainment, Recruitment, and Technology.

Pamela Gaba

Pamela in Merrion Square after the ERF Breakfast Meeting, in 2019


In 2009, Pamela started her career in a large corporation abroad as a Recruitment Specialist. She was part of the pre-opening team who hired 5000 employees for 550 unique positions in 75 business units, supporting cost-effective recruitment strategies. Aside from evident skill in talent selection, Pamela has shown passion for branding and advertising.

A year after, she moved internally as Project Manager in Marketing Communications. She has advertised different brands and services from theatre productions, concerts & events, restaurants, shops, gaming & leisure, international and local hotels and many more. She is adept in producing radio and TV commercials, billboards, magazines, newspapers and the list is endless. Pamela has worked with her first company for nearly a decade.

Move to Ireland

Although her career is at its prime, in 2018, she decided to move in Ireland and join her husband Ian, who has established his career in the country as a nurse.

Shortly after, she joined a Healthcare Recruitment agency as HR & Operations Manager. She has developed relations with HSE Case Managers, DONs and ADONs in various hospitals and nursing homes as she fills in ad-hoc staffing requirements. As she oversees the operations of the company, she has gained knowledge in compliance, invoicing, payroll and business development.

Due to pandemic, Pam moved into a remote role and joined a leading social media company as Community Operations Analyst. She was trained to review policies and identify gaps based on online trends. She would review and remove online content that was violating community standards and policies. With the company’s announcement of workforce layoffs due to business requirements, Pamela went ahead and moved on with her career.

Pamela then joined a private hospital as an administrator where she gained knowledge in hospital operations, which is relevant to her role today.

Pamela's daughter

Pamela’s pride and joy, her daughter Sophie.

Role at Clarity Locums

Presently, she holds the position as Agency Nurse Coordinator, and is passionate in filling in the gaps of workforce in the healthcare industry. She believes that health is our power, our wealth, and this is more than a job to her. As she shared with us “ There is an inexplicable sense of fulfilment and meaning in every placed talent, to ensure proper care and complete healthcare workforce is available”.

If you share the same passion with Pamela, or maybe you are interested to be part of our team, or simply just want to have a chat with your career or talent requirements, please do not hesitate to reach out and email her at [email protected].


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Posted on 17 November 2023
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