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A guide to agency nursing in Ireland

In Ireland, nurses are highly sought after healthcare professionals and can work in various institutions, such as hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, health centers and other healthcare institutions. Nurses can work as general practitioners or as specialists, such as clinical nurses, emergency nurses, psychiatric nurses and others. And there are many interesting nursing roles available throughout the country.  


What is an agency nurse?

An agency nurse is a nurse that works on a temporary basis, as a locum, in different locations, such as patient’s homes, rehab centres and nursing homes, through a recruitment agency, instead of working as an employee in a specific institution.

If you are self-motivated, able to work independently, able to manage your own time, like to travel and work in different environments, working as an agency nurse may be the right job for you!


What are the benefits of working as an agency nurse?


Working as an agency nurse will give you more control over your career. You can choose the days and times you want to work and the places where you want to work.
Work as much as you want and take as many vacations as you want, without having to give too much notice time. Just let us know the days and times you want to work. Don't like working at the weekend? You can perfectly take that time off for yourself.

Higher income

Agency nurses generally earn more than employed nurses. You can earn between € 26.00 to € 54.00 per hour, depending on your experience and place of work.

Skills development

Working in a variety of locations and institutions will expose you to different environments that will allow you to further develop your skills and perhaps find your specialty! It will also allow you to develop important interpersonal skills.

Do what you love

By working as an agency nurse, you can focus on doing what you love and providing the best care to your patients without having to worry too much about administration and paperwork. Clarity takes care of that for you.

More connections

Working as an agency nurse, depending on where you are working, you will work in collaboration with many other professionals, such as doctors, paramedics, home helpers, students, community members, among others. This will allow you to expand your network of contacts and probably make several friends.


Working as a Nurse in Ireland

To work as a nurse in Ireland, you must be registered with The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI).

Depending on whether you are an Irish nurse, a nurse graduated in the EU or graduated outside the EU, there are different registration routes.

If you’ve qualified in Ireland, please check the registration process here.

If you’ve qualified outside Ireland, please check the registration process here.

If you’ve qualified outside Ireland, it is important that you choose the group because this will determine what documents you need to submit to the NMBI. It is also important that you can prove your English proficiency. Learn more about the language requirements here.

To work as a nurse in Ireland, and if you are an EU citizen, you will not need a visa. However, if you graduated outside the EU you will need a visa. Learn more about the visa requirements here


Other requirements

To work as agency nurse you will also need to be Garda Vetted.

“Garda Vetting is conducted in respect of any person who is carrying out work or activity, a necessary and regular part of which consists mainly of the person having access to, or contact with, children or vulnerable persons.” National Vetting Bureau

And have CPR and PMH training and vaccinations updated (Hepatitis B, MMR, Varicella and Covid19).

Clients often seek out nurses with some work experience. If you have just graduated, you can start working as a healthcare assistant, gain more experience and then start working as an agency nurse. 


Get in touch with us

If you need any further information about working as an agency nurse in Ireland, feel free to contact us! 

And don’t miss out our latest roles in Clarity App! Register for free here.

Posted on 05 April 2021
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