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How to Boost Your Income as a Locum in Ireland

Are you a locum healthcare professional looking to maximise your income? Whether you're already thinking about Christmas presents, have a holiday coming up, or just want to live a little more lavishly, there are several strategies you can implement to increase your locum earnings. In this guide, we'll explore various tips and tricks to help you boost your income as a locum pharmacist or agency nurse, allowing you to enjoy a more financially rewarding career while still maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

7 Ways to Boost Your Income as a Locum

To be a successful locum, you need to constantly work on growing your knowledge and skill set. Whether it's CPD or your day-to-day tips and hacks for locums, it's important to stay up-to-date. Only by doing so can you truly get to a point where you never need to worry about money or your schedule. So, here are seven professional tips  on growing your income as a locum:

#1: Pick up extra locum shifts

The most obvious way to earn more as a locum is to work extra shifts. The beauty of working as a locum is that you have complete flexibility and control over your schedule, meaning you can work as much or as little as you like.

During periods when you may be trying to boost your income, it’s a good idea to increase the amount of shifts you work. If you choose to do this, always make sure to give yourself enough time to recover in between shifts and don’t overwork yourself. The extra cash in your paycheck may be nice, but not if you’re pairing it with complete burnout!

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#2: Work holidays and nights

Locuming offers great rates in comparison to its permanent counterpart. If you’re not interested in increasing your workload but would enjoy the extra cash, consider working outside of the regular 9-5 hours. Rates for healthcare professionals generally increase during weekends, bank holidays and late nights.

You should also expect to see higher rates around seasonal periods such as Christmas. If you’re happy to work these shifts, you can boost your paycheck and still have the same amount of days off!

Pharmacist at work

There are plenty of ways to earn more as a locum

#3: Keep your options open

No matter what profession you’re in, we all value convenience. No one is particularly keen on a long commute in the morning but this mindset could be limiting your opportunities.

If you reconsider how far you’re willing to travel for a locum shift, you may find better rates a little further afield. Areas with less demand, such as rural towns, may offer higher rates than those in big cities.

#4: Refer a friend

As a healthcare professional, chances are you have a few friends who are also working in the industry. At Clarity Locums, we offer a referral bonus for those registered with us when they refer a friend to sign up too!

You and a friend will receive a €250 One4All gift card once you have met all the terms and conditions of the scheme. Find out more about the referral bonus scheme here.

#5: Have your annual registration fees paid

An expense faced by locum pharmacists and agency’s nurses alike is the annual fee paid to their respective regulatory body, to continue to be able to practise in Ireland. Through the Clarity Select programme, Clarity Locums will pay the annual PSI and NMBI fees* that loom over pharmacists and nurses year after year.

By saving that couple of hundred euros, you have more money to papers on the things you love. Not sure what to buy? We’ve written a guide showing what you could spend the extra savings on! 

*Terms & Conditions apply.

#6: Save on subscriptions

Monthly subscriptions are the secret killers of our bank accounts. Of course, it’s only a couple of euros every month but when you simultaneously subscribe to Spotify, Netflix, Disney+, and more, these expenses can quickly add up.

For those locums who work 15 shifts or more per month with us, we have introduced a new scheme where you are eligible to receive a free month of Spotify on us!*

A great perk for music lovers, and if you’re trying to boost your income chances are you’re working that many shifts anyway! Learn more about the scheme here.

*Terms & Conditions apply.

#7: Negotiate rates

Don’t hesitate to negotiate! As the saying goes, “If you don’t ask, you don’t get!” Some facilities may be willing to bump up their rates if you ask, as long as the asking price isn’t too extreme.

The Clarity Locums app has a handy feature where you can ‘Negotiate’ when booking a shift. While you won’t always get the rates you’re asking for, you might find yourself making an extra euro or two an hour if you’re lucky!

Negotiate feature on the Clarity Locums app

The Clarity Locums app makes it easy to browse, apply and negotiate shifts

Want to learn more useful hacks for locum professionals?

As a rewarded locum recruitment agency that understands the everyday struggles that locum tenens go through, Clarity Locums is constantly looking for ways to help your career. Explore our blog to find more insightful topics for locum pharmacists and agency nurses in Ireland and the UK. To help get you started, here are some of our most popular articles:

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Posted on 16 October 2023
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