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Booking Shifts as an Agency Nurse with Clarity (FAQ)

So you’re looking to get the shift with Clarity? We’re here to help! To answer any shift related questions you may have, we’ve compiled a list of the most FAQs our nurses have asked us and a list of answers. Hopefully they will help answer any queries you might have in relation to our app or the booking process.

How do I see upcoming shifts?

You can easily see upcoming shifts under the ‘Shift’ section of the app. You can click ‘shift listing view’ to see a full list of shifts. We also have a ‘map listing view’ so you can see where they are located using a GPS map. This helps make it easier to view where the shifts are in proximity to where you are living.

Screenshot of the Clarity Locums App

How do I know what hospital/company is the shift for?

This can be seen very easily when you click on a shift and view the ‘Shift Description’. It will show you the address and more information such as if there is a long term bank contract available at this healthcare facility or if a prior interview is required for the role.

How do I enquire about different shifts?

You can easily contact one of our dedicated healthcare recruitment consultants by phone or email. They are always at hand to help with any queries you may have. We will also be notified if you click ‘Apply’ to one of our shifts and we can contact you about your application. You can also use the Intercom feature on our app to reach out to us.

How do I book a shift?

Once you are Garda vetted, reference checked and your compliance information is up-to-date, you are ready to start booking shifts! You can either contact us via email or phone to book a shift or else you can easily click ‘apply’ and one of our recruitment consultants will reach out to you.

Screenshot of the Clarity Locums App

How do I confirm my shift after working?

Once you complete a shift you can ‘verify’ your shift on the app. Don’t worry if you forget to do this as we can resend the reminder to your email, once you let us know. It is important to verify your shifts after every shift in order to get paid. You must verify all your shifts for the week before Sunday at midnight for payroll to process and pay them on the following Thursday. But not to worry, if you forget to verify a shift you can get it paid any week that you choose.

How do I submit my timesheets?

Timesheets are being slowly removed from the agency, ideally we do not use them
You verify your shift on the APP or website after it is completed, you can also request an edit if your shift time changes. If timesheets are required you can send these weekly to the admin team to upload/authorise.

So now that you know how to book a shift, are you ready to actually book a shift?

Here at Clarity we are always looking for talented nurses to join our team. We are open to new applications and are happy to help you look for that perfect agency job. To find out more feel free to sign up through our app Clarity Locums or our website. The sign-up process couldn't be easier and a dedicated recruitment consultant will reach out to you to help you with your application process. To find out more you can email me at [email protected].

Have any other questions about Agency Nursing? View our other guides below or get in touch today.

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Posted on 03 April 2023
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