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The following document is the terms and conditions of Clarity Locums. By accessing and using any service provided by Clarity Locums you are bound by these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are subject to change and as such Clarity Locums has the right alter these terms and conditions at any time, any alterations will be effective once published. Users are responsible for reviewing regularly information posted online to obtain timely notice of such changes. Your continued use of this site and/or services after changes are posted constitutes your acceptance of this agreement as modified by the posted changes.

1. Clarity Locums provides a recruitment service that is free of charge to all locums, technicians or any other potential employee, henceforth referred to as candidates, who is offered positions by Clarity Locums on behalf of a client.

2. Clarity Locums is an agent for the candidate it locates employment for and at no time is it their employer. When seeking employment for the candidate Clarity Locums receives limited information regarding potential employment with a client which it then supplies to potential candidates.As the candidate never enters into any contract of employment with Clarity Locums there is never any obligation for a candidate to accept any position offered on behalf of a client by Clarity Locums.

3. If the candidate decides to engage with the client after considering the information supplied to them by Clarity Locums the client is informed of their interest and intentions along with agreed information regarding the identity and qualifications of the candidate. Should the client wish to engage the candidate in employment the candidate is notified by Clarity Locums.

4. Clarity Locums may continue to provide the client with information regarding employment such as start times, address of the place of employment and any other information or instructions deemed pertinent to the employment of the candidate by the client. This information is provided to the candidate on behalf of the client and is on an information only basis, no assessment of the information is made by Clarity Locums as regards its verity or legality and no responsibility is accepted as regards actions taken or not taken as a result of receiving this information.

5. The nature or existence of the contract between candidates introduced to clients is the responsibility of the candidate and the client. Agreement of terms of employment is between the employer and the candidate and as such Clarity Locums accepts no responsibility for any disputes arising from this contract or lack thereof as they are neither an employee nor an employer at any stage in the recruitment or employment process.

6. Clarity Locums does not provide Professional indemnity insurance to any candidate. If any candidate has any query regarding professional indemnity insurance while engaged with a client they should discuss it with a client before they undertake professional duties as part of any employment.

7. Clarity locums charges a fee of 8.5% of the Candidate’s gross annual salary for placement of pharmacists all other pharmacy staff.

8. If a candidate's employment ceases the client may request the position to be filled again at no charge or a refund of agency fee as follows: Up to one month - 75%, Up to three months - 50% Up to six months - 25% No refund is payable after six months of employment.

9. If a client engages a locum who was initially introduced to the client by Clarity Locums (introduction, locum placement or any other placement type); the applicable fees are due to Clarity Locums from the date of introduction up to six months after the date of introduction.

10. Clarity Locums aims to supply the best quality candidates to the Client, all potential candidates are screened in order to ensure that they have attained the requisite training, experience, qualifications and any permission required by professional body or law a professional body to engage with the client. It remains the Client’s responsibility to assess the suitability of potential clients presented to them and make a decision as to whether or not they employ a candidate. As such Clarity Locums does not accept any responsibility for any consequences, deleterious or otherwise, resulting from the client’s decision to engage the client in employment

11. The Client, as the employer of the candidate, bears the same responsibility for all acts, errors or omissions of the candidate, whether negligent or otherwise irrespective as to if candidate is on the payroll of the Client or any other payroll service engaged by that client.

12. The booking fee payable by the Client is £15 per day per locum. This fee must paid within 5 working days of the invoice date. No credit terms will be extended to clients by Clarity Locums.

13. As the employer of the Locum, the Client is responsible for all payment of the Candidate’s charge for work. Clarity Locums will take no responsibility or liability for non-payment of the Locum’s (Candidate’s) charge for work on behalf of the Employer (Client).

14. Any further locum work arranged between the Client and the same Candidate must be arranged through Clarity Locums

15 The hourly rate is determined solely by the Client.

16. Should a candidate scheduled to engage in employment with a client be unable to continue or commence with said employment, they should inform Clarity Locums immediately.

17. If the Locum is unable to engage in employment for whatever reason, he/she should inform Clarity Locums at least two working days before commencement. Upon acceptance of a Locum position, the Locum has entered into a contract for their provision of services. Non-fulfilment of this contract may result in the Locum being pursued legally by the Client for any loss incurred by their business.

18. If a Locum fails to complete a shift the Client has the right to refuse to pay for any portion (or all) of the shift not completed. This decision is at the discretion of the Client.

19. Clarity Locums does not warrant that the service will be uninterrupted or error-free or that defects in the service will be corrected.

20. Clarity Locums will not accept liability of any kind for loss, expense or damage as a result of the any individual engaged in employment as a result of contact with Clarity Locums.

21. Clarity Locums reserves the right to refuse access to services to candidates as it sees fit.

22. Transfer of information: Clarity Locums will not transfer any personal or professional information to any third party without the prior consent of all relevant stakeholders.

23. Clarity Locums reserves the right to refuse bookings offered by clients.

24. Clarity Locums issues reminder texts and emails at 12:00 on the eve of all bookings, which must be replied to to confirm attendance. It reserves the right to cancel bookings if responses have not been received by 8pm on the eve of the booking. Clarity Locums accepts no responsibility for loss incurred by the locum as a result of canceling bookings in this manner.

25. These terms and conditions are subject to the jurisdiction of the Irish Courts and as such any disputes arising out of or in connection therewith shall be determined in accordance with Irish law. Should any conflict of interpretation of these terms and conditions occur with any other company terms, the within terms will be deemed to be the terms of business of Clarity Locums.

26. Clarity Locums is a registered business name of EAK Systems Ltd , Registered Office: 7-11 Linenhall Street, Belfast. Company registration number: VNI641978, VAT registration number VAT #:254803407. Registered in Belfast

**Cancellation policy**

Clarity Locums' Cancellation Policy is as follows:

1. Standard Cancellation Policy

Four weeks' notice must be provided by a locum when cancelling a booking.

2. Short Term Cancellation Policy

A period of less than four weeks notice may be accepted where there are pressing and appropriate reasons to accept such. Verifying documentation may be required to support this category of cancellation.

All cancellations must be communicated directly to Kevin via telephone on 020 3322 7225 or 07808890565 as soon a possible.

Please note the following in relation to short term cancellations with less than 72 hours notice:

- If a locum cancels a booking within three working days (Monday to Friday) of the intended shift Clarity Locums may be required to pay a higher rate to secure an alternative locum. If this occurs Clarity Locums reserves the right to charge the locum who cancels to pay the difference in the rates of pay for the duration of the cancelled booking.

- If a client cancels a locum within three working days of the intended shift they are entitled to pay the locum for 4 hours of the cancelled shift if Clarity Locums or said employer is unable to secure them an alternative shift. If an alternative shift is offered to the locum the employer’s liability for four hours is void.

- If a short term cancellation on behalf of a client is due to poor performance and/or complaints about the locum's performance no cancellation fee is payable to the locum.

The above cancellation policy will come into immediate effect. It is being implemented as it has come to Clarity Locum’s attention that a small number of pharmacists are seeing fit to cancel bookings at short notice or without appropriate reason for doing so. If this occurs it can have negative consequences for you future employment with Clarity Locums, both on a locum and full-time basis.

Once you accept a booking and agree to cover a locum day you have entered into a legally binding contract for the provision of services for that shift. It is understandable that occasionally circumstances out of your control may arise which make it impossible to work allotted shifts. Clarity Locums may request documentation such as a medical certificate from a doctor to verify your short term cancellation.

Reasons such as finding a better paying shift or instances where you have been offered a full time job are not acceptable under the short term cancellation policy and four weeks notice must be provided to Clarity Locums as per the standard cancellation policy requirements. It is ordinary industry practice to work a notice period of one month in your current job prior to commencing a new full time employment. If you have locum bookings with Clarity Locums we ask that a these are honoured during this one month notice period.

If you are actively seeking full-time employment, as a portion of locums always are, you should avoid booking days more than four weeks in advance and should certainly not book large block bookings over four weeks away. This will allow you to pick up short notice days at higher rates while allowing locums who are locuming in the long to medium term to plan their diaries more effectively.

Overall, if you intend to cancel a booking please provide Clarity Locums as much time as reasonable to afford Clarity Locums time to re-advertise the job so that alternative cover can be found.

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