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Working as a Locum GP in Ireland: The Benefits

Working as a Locum GP in Ireland: The Benefits

Have you always wanted more freedom, work flexibility and a better hourly rate? If so, working as a locum GP might be the right path for you.

As a GP locum, you can earn more than €100,000 a year working full time. If you are a specialist doctor, you can earn even more!

All doctors who wish to practice in Ireland must be registered with the Irish Medical Council. Learn more about registration here.

If you are new to Irish health system, you should know that the Health Service Executive (HSE) is responsible for providing public health services. There are also a number of different private health insurance policies in Ireland that citizens can subscribe to for private health services, but you don’t need to worry about calculating discounts or rebates - the clinic or hospital you are working with will take care of this.

In terms of working as a locum, some doctors are employed directly by the HSE and its associated service providers. However, the majority are locum doctors provided by locum agencies, such as Clarity Locums.

In Ireland, the General Practitioner (GP), also known as family doctor, is usually the first doctor that people see about a health problem. If a patient needs to be assessed by a specialist doctor, the GP is responsible for referring this patient. A patient with private health insurance may be able to access their chosen consultant sooner than those relying solely on the public system.

There are plenty of reasons why you should consider working as a locum GP in Ireland:

Attractive Locum GP rates

Generally, GPs in Ireland earn more per year when compared to other EU countries. As a GP locum, you can earn an average of €2,500 a week or more, dependant on the hours you work. Most GPs generally earn €100,000 a year working 6-8 “sessions” per week and usually have an annual leave of 24 days. A “session” is a half days work, typically about 4 hours. However, GP’s may occasionally work slightly longer hours in order to ensure they see all their scheduled patients for their session.

Working conditions

EU GPs sometimes comment that they do not have sufficient time to diagnose a patient in their countries. In Ireland, you may have approximately 15 minutes per appointment. You will have good working conditions and the support of other clinic staff.

Many job opportunities

There is a high demand for locum doctors in Ireland across all practice settings, including GP practices, primary care centers, and out of hours services. This demand enables you to experience a range of working environments and refine your clinical skills in multiple different settings.

Flexibility & work-life balance

Locum GPs are self-employed, which means you are your own boss. This enables you to work when and where you want, adapting your work schedule to your lifestyle and other commitments. You may work as many sessions a week as you wish. There are also opportunities to work “out of hours” shifts with doctor on call services. As a self-employed locum, you are also allowed to claim expenses against your tax bill.

Best of both worlds

Working in Ireland does not necessarily mean living in Ireland. Some doctors work in their home country and travel a few days or weeks to different parts of Ireland to earn a higher income.

Develop new connections

When travelling and working in Ireland, you also meet other doctors, nurses, medical representatives and other professionals within the Irish medical community.

The country itself

Ireland is one of the most prosperous countries in the EU and has many job opportunities for doctors. According to a recent study by the United Nations, Ireland has been ranked second highest in the world for quality of life. Ireland is also renowned for beautiful landscapes and friendly and open minded citizens.

If you would like to know more about GP locum jobs in Ireland, feel free to contact us!

Clarity Locums is a locum GP agency headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.

Posted on 29 December 2020
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