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Visa Requirements for Agency Nursing Roles

Recently relocated to Ireland and considering picking up a few extra shifts as an agency nurse? Or possibly moving over to agency work entirely? If you are a non EU candidate you will have to review your working visa status to ensure you are eligible to work as an agency nurse.
For more information on the type of employment permits available in Ireland you can read our blog ‘Types of Employment Visas in Ireland’

Type of employment allowed to work agency

Stamp 4 Visa

Stamp 4 indicates permission to stay in Ireland for a specified period, subject to conditions. A Stamp 4 is reckonable as residence when applying for citizenship by naturalisation. You can take up employment and are not required to hold an Employment Permit. For example your right to work is not tied to an employer.

Examples when used
You may be given Stamp 4, after you have had a permission to work in Ireland:
With a valid Critical Skills Employment Permit for 2 years
With a valid employment permit for 5 years
As a researcher (with a valid Hosting Agreement) for 2 years

Dependant/Partner/Spouse Employment Permit

The Dependant/Partner/Spouse Employment Permit allows the dependants, recognised partners (where recognised as such by the Department of Justice and Equality), civil partners and spouses of Critical Skills Employment Permit holders (formerly Green Card employment permit holders) and of Researchers on Hosting Agreements to apply for an employment permit to work in the State. Generally, it is illegal for spouses and dependants of employment permit holders to be employed in Ireland without a valid employment permit.

Types of employment permits unable to work agency

Critical Skills Employment Permit

The Critical Skills Employment Permit is linked to your employer, which unfortunately means you will not be able to take up agency work while you have this permit. After you have completed two years of service with the employer you can then apply for a stamp 4 visa.
It is not recommended to change employers during this time as it can have a detrimental effect on your application for a stamp 4 visa.

General Employment Permit

A General Employment Permit is issued for an initial period of 2 years and can be renewed for up to a further 3 years. This employment permit only allows the employee to work for the employer on the permit. You will not be allowed to work as an agency nurse during these 5 years before you are eligible to apply for a stamp 4.

For more information on employment permits and immigration permissions you can visit the Department of Justice website.

If you are on the Eligible List to be allowed to work as an agency nurse in Ireland and are considering what agency to apply for? Choose Clarity!

Benefits of working as an agency nurse for Clarity include:

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