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Preparing for your Pre-Registration Pharmacy Exam

Preparing for your Pre-Registration Pharmacy Exam

Ahead of next week's GPhC exam, we wanted to share some of our top tips for getting through the paper. Hopefully, any pre-reg pharmacists sitting the exam find this helpful, and if you do have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Summer Assessment Sitting: 29th June 2022

Familiarise yourself with the exam format

Use past papers to know how questions will look, and how they will be phrased. Don’t be thrown off by a question you know the answer to simply because of how it is laid out. Make sure to read questions carefully, and read them twice if you can to fully understand it. Highlight key words and be sure to answer the question you’re being asked.

Skip the questions you’re stuck on

Timing is key in this exam and you don’t want to use up precious minutes being stuck on one question. Skip any you’re unsure of, do the ones you know, and come back to the others at the end.


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Answer every question

If you’ve come back to the questions you couldn’t get the first time and you’re still finding yourself stuck, don’t panic. If you can’t figure out the right answer, try to figure out the wrong answer - if you can work out that 3 out 5 answers definitely are not correct, you’ve already improved the likelihood of choosing correctly.

Don’t overthink

Your gut instinct is usually correct, don’t doubt yourself! If you think you know the answer, you have probably learnt it at some point before. Another reason to go with your gut is to cut down on the time you spend on one question.


Take a deep breath and relax. You have been studying and training for this exam for the last few years - you just need to trust yourself. If all goes wrong, you can resit the exam, or even discover other avenues in the pharmaceutical industry to go down! Everything will work out.

Good luck in your upcoming exams!

Posted on 22 June 2022 by Hannah Phipps
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