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Small Steps for a Great First Shift as Locum Pharmacist

Working as a locum pharmacist can be challenging, especially on the first day, but can also be very rewarding. Feeling anxious on your first shift as a locum pharmacist is natural but don’t let it discourage you. At the very least, you have spent 5 years training for this day - you are a registered pharmacist, you’ve got this!

The best way to prepare for your first locum shift and reduce stress is to review a few small, but important things so that everything goes smoothly and you make a good first impression.

To help you be better prepared and more confident, we will share with you some tips below.

Community Pharmacy Experience

To work as a locum pharmacist it is desirable that you have some post-graduate experience in community pharmacy. This will make your first day as a locum pharmacist much easier as you will already be aware of the dynamics within the pharmacy. Common procedures such as putting away orders from wholesalers and ordering in new stock, dispensing medication and counseling patients are slightly different in all pharmacies but once you have become familiar with the process in one pharmacy the skills you have developed are transferable to other pharmacies.

Provide the Necessary Compliance Documentation

To work as a locum pharmacist you need to fill some requirements, such as being registered with the PSI/ PSNI / GPHC, provide a photographic ID, a copy of your CV, Garda vetting / Access NI, DBS, and proof of additional accreditation such as vaccination training. Some pharmacies also request to sign a SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), Clarity will email you a copy of these SOPs to sign digitally before your booking.

Arrive on Time

Make sure you double-check the pharmacy location the day beforehand, if you don’t have your own car check the transportation you will need to get there. Clarity’s app has a nice feature that shows you precise directions via our integration with Google Maps.



Running Late

If for any unforeseen reason you are running late, please use the "Running late" feature so we can let the pharmacy know. If you are running late simply enter the shift on your app and tap the running late button as below.

locum pharmacist shifts


You'll be asked to give a quick estimate of how long you'll be so we can give the staff in the pharmacy an accurate update.

locum pharmacist Dublin2

Once this is done Clarity staff are automatically notified and we will contact the client on the locum's behalf, allowing you to focus on the important task of getting to work safely.

Ask for Advice

If you have a question about a process or procedure in the pharmacy always ask one of the members of staff you are working with. No one expects you to know everything, especially if you’ve only been in the pharmacy a handful of minutes.

Download Clarity’s App and Book your First Locum Shift

Do you already know the free Clarity Locums App? If not, see more information about the Android app here or the iPhone app here.

After downloading our app you can search for shifts at the times that suit you best. You also have access to several other features such as updating your availability, uploading your compliance documents, shifts alerts, access to our full-time jobs, CPD, and much more.

The app also allows you to enquire about shifts and negotiate the rate of pay for each locum booking in real-time.

Posted on 11 October 2021
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