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Covid-19 / coronavirus update

As we move into a period of unprecedented uncertainty and anxiety, I want to assure all locums that your health and safety remain front and center of our priorities. The guidelines and information contained below will help ensure risk is mitigated. Clarity Locums will continue to actively monitor the situation, both nationally and globally, and will proactively engage with any locums who need our assistance over the coming weeks and months. Clarity Locums will continue to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure you can continue to work and serve the public throughout the pandemic period, if you choose to do so.

As per government guidelines, our internal staff members are now all working from home. Our internal phone network has been forwarded so you will not experience any difficulties in reaching us. Our online booking system and the app will continue to operate as normal. Indeed, we have a significant app update pending launch later this month.

Key phone numbers are below

Mainline ROI - 01 532 5441

Out of hours emergency line - ROI 086 1999 703

We have been in contact with clients regarding their COVID19 contingency plans. We will be communicating these guidelines via the "Shift documentation" section of each booking confirmation email as they become available to us, as per the screenshot below.


You will be able to tell if the pharmacy has communicated these measures by viewing the shift description as per the screenshot below.

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In some instances, where the guidelines are succinct, they will be included in the shift description on the website and app in their entirety as per the screenshot below.


We will also be changing our system so that the pharmacy's name will display prior to booking following the requests of a number of locums. An example of this is below. 


In order to ensure we reduce the spread of the virus, we have requested that if any positive cases come to light in the 14 days after a locum has worked in a pharmacy that the client immediately contacts the agency so we can advise that locum if there is a need to self isolate. Likewise, if you present as a positive case or discover that you have been in direct contact with a positive case please notify the agency immediately.

Even with rigorous contingencies in place, there remains a likelihood that you, working between multiple pharmacies, may unintentionally become a vector for the spread of the virus. With this in mind, you must maintain an increased focus on social distancing and hand hygiene both inside and outside of the workplace. Where possible, we will be trying to book locums in single locations in order to mitigate this risk. We would invite any locum to communicate any suggestions they may have around risk mitigation.

Posted on 16 March 2020 by Anthony O'Neill
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