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Rossie to Aussie: Month Three Update

From Rossie to Aussie: Fergal's Epic Journey Across Europe and the Perks of Locuming.

Fergal, the adventurous spirit behind "Rossie to Aussie," has always embraced life's journeys with enthusiasm and determination. Originating from the picturesque town of Roscommon, Fergal's path has led him from the serene landscapes of Ireland to Turkey, with a myriad of adventures in between. 

In this video, Fergal shares stories from the European roads—breathtaking routes, unforeseen challenges, and the remarkable individuals he encountered. Moreover, he explores the numerous benefits of locuming, a career that has not only financed his travels but also provided the liberty to explore the world on his own terms. Whether you're a healthcare professional contemplating a change or simply an armchair traveler seeking inspiration, Fergal's journey offers a captivating glimpse into the rewarding and flexible life of a locum.


Posted on 10 July 2024
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