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New Rostering Feature

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At Clarity Locums, we're constantly trying to improve our service in a way that is most beneficial to our clients and locums. To kick off the new year we're excited to announce our client feature launch with our exciting new rostering feature.

This new feature, launching in March will be entirely free of charge for clients and will seamlessly integrate into your existing online client portal.

Our powerful, new rostering feature will allow you to

  • Build internal rosters
  • Create recurring shift schedules for up to 12 months
  • Publish staff schedules directly to their phones
  • Annual leave management
  • Manage schedules across multiple pharmacies
  • Push vacant gaps live to our marketplace of locums
  • Add shift notes and reason codes

You can view a short video of this feature below 


Roster view



Create a recurring shift pattern

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Edit shift and add notes modal

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Posted on 26 January 2024
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