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Feb 2020: New locum app update

Feb 2020: New locum app update

This week, we have launched the latest update of our locum app. We have a host of new features detailed below, so please be sure to update your app to check out these new features.

Map Listing View

You can now view jobs from a map view of shifts. The short videos below demonstrate how this interface works.

You can filter down to a region, town,  pharmacy, or even shift. Once you click the number of shifts available you will then see this “cluster” via the list interface which is ordered by the date with the soonest shifts appearing first.

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If there is only one shift available it will appear as a red location icon and you will be able to tap into it to view more details or apply for it from the shift details preview like the video below.

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Shift details

Information about parking and support staff has been added to the "Shift Details" screen. We now allow pharmacies to update their parking and staffing information, which will appear in the standard details for each shift like below.

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If these details are missing you can enquire about the shift. If you've worked a shift please leave feedback so we can let future locums know about parking etc.

Permanent jobs search

Our permanent job filters have been updated making searching and applying for jobs easier than ever before, check out the video below.

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Landscape mode

You can now use the app in landscape mode if you prefer this orientation, this is especially useful if you use the app on a tablet.




Shift details map

The map to the location of the shift can now be viewed through the “Getting there” section. You can view it via a map or directions options.

Screen Shot 2021 02 04 at 16.44.02


Withdraw applications and negotiations

Occasionally locums will apply or negotiate for shifts in error. Now you can withdraw applications or negotiations if you have made these in error. Once you apply or negotiate for a shift the "Apply" and "negotiate" buttons allow withdrawal of the action as per the screenshot below.

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Refresh screen

A "Pull down to refresh" feature has been added to a number of screens. You can now drag the screen down to refresh the list of jobs in realtime.

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Password entry

Password entry fields have been improved to allow users to view their passwords. By tapping the new "eye" icon you can now view your entered password when logging in to make sure you are spelling it correctly etc.

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There are a number of other, smaller, updates that we hope will improve your overall experience when using the app. Once again we'd like to thank all the input from our locums and clients that have helped shape our booking system and app. We are already hard at work on the next update.


Finally, and most importantly, we'd like any feedback you have on our booking system or app - especially negative feedback! You can email Anthony at [email protected] or call / text on +353 86 779 5261

Posted on 04 February 2021 by Anthony O"Neill
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