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MSc in Health Economics - University of Galway

Here at Clarity, we believe the importance of continuing to expand your skills and range of knowledge as your progress throughout your career, and indeed, your life! With that said, we'd like to introduce you to the MSc in Health Economics which is currently being taught at the University of Galway.

MSc in Health Economics

The MSc in Health Economics is a taught Masters programme, which introduces the student to the theoretical principles and practical techniques of economic analysis, that are applied to inform health policy and health care decision-making within the evolving global context of technological development, population ageing, rising healthcare costs and changing patient preferences and expectations.

The programme is designed for people interested in pursuing a career in the pharmaceutical industry, the public sector, the consultancy industry, or in health economics research.

We particularly welcome applications from pharmacists working in the community, the pharmaceutical industry or in hospitals. A bridging course for non-economics graduates who have not studied economics previously is available online and can be completed in late spring or over the summer.

Several pharmacists have completed the programme successfully in recent years. Many are now pursuing exciting careers in Patient Access, Health Technology Assessment, Economic Modelling, and Reimbursement.


The programme can be completed full-time over one year or part-time over two years. Lectures are delivered in person and online on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, thereby allowing people to continue to work while they are completing the programme.

The programme includes a professional placement programme. This begins after students have completed all their examinations. It involves the students spending around twelve weeks working in a pharmaceutical company, a regulatory agency such as HIQA or the NCPE, or a market access consulting company. Over the years, many of the placements have been converted into full-time positions at the end of the placement. Host organisations are particularly interested in students who have a combination of pharmacy and health economics.

For more, visit the website here.


For further information, contact:

Brendan Kennelly, Programme Director

087 7975450 

[email protected]



“After working in community pharmacy for a few years, I enrolled in the MSc in Health Economics in 2019. The course was captivating and informative, and provided me with a great basis in various aspects of health economics. The lecturers were very invested in their students’ learning and easily approachable. Students came from a wide range of backgrounds, providing a broad range of perspectives on different topics. I am very grateful for the year I spent in NUIG and have no doubt that this MSc was pivotal in steering my career in the direction I desired.”

- Jessica Commane, MPSI, MSc Health Economics, Economic Modelling Specialist, Novartis Global Service Center


“I highly recommend the MSc in Health Economics programme in NUI Galway. The course gives a broad understanding of the concepts of health economics, while also providing numerous opportunities to develop the practical skills required for research or employment-based roles. My favourite aspect of the programme was the support from the academic staff, who provided ample guidance and feedback throughout the year. The placement was also a highlight, as it allows graduates to leave the programme feeling suitably prepared to apply their new skills. There is an ever-growing wealth of opportunities for graduates in Ireland and abroad, especially for those coming from a clinical background.“

-Heather Eames, MSc Health Economics, Health Technology Assessor at the National Centre for Pharmacoeconomics and Pharmacist


“After a number of years working as a community pharmacist, I developed a keen interest in pharmaceutical reimbursement and health policy decision making. This naturally led me to NUI Galway, where I had the opportunity to complete the MSc in Health Economics. Besides a world-class faculty and comprehensive curriculum, what drew me to NUI Galway was the opportunity to complete an industry based placement. This allowed me to put my academic learnings into practice and develop real world experiences. Having now spent a number of years in industry, the complement of pharmacy and health economics has been a great strength as I develop in my career.”

- Aisling Murphy, MSc Health Economics, Associate Director of Competitive & Business Insights, Novartis


“As a Pharmacist I was intrigued by healthcare resource constraints and the challenges with allocation to achieve efficiency and equity in healthcare access. Having completed the Masters in Health Economics at NUI Galway, I can say the course provided me with the skills necessary to progress my desired career in health economics. There is a strong focus on future career with constant advice and support from lecturers and the skills gained provide a diverse range of employment opportunities. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to take the next step in pursuing a career in health economics, research and health service decision-making.”

- Sarah Hawkshaw, MPharm, MSc Health Economics, Market Access Manager at Janssen

Posted on 03 February 2023 by Hannah Phipps
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