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May 2022: App Recap - View a Pharmacy's Upcoming Shifts

Have you had a great experience locuming in a particular pharmacy that has made you want to return? With the Clarity Locums app, you have the option of viewing all available and upcoming shifts by any pharmacy you have previously worked in. Keep reading for a reminder below!


Step 1: Tap on 'My Locations' in the menu bar

app menu


 Select 'My Locations' from the menu

 bar to see all branches you have

 previously completed a shift in.






 Step 2: View all branches

app pic


 See list of all pharmacies

 previously worked in and choose

 which to view shifts from.







Step 3: View upcoming shifts

app menu Once you have decided which pharmacy

 you'd like to see shifts from, select

 'Upcoming shifts'. A number will appear to

 show how many shifts are available. 


Step 4: See all shifts and apply!


shifts available

 View all shifts available from your chosen

 branch and apply.










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Posted on 17 May 2022 by Hannah Phipps
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