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Locums App Recap: Map Listing View (July 2022)

Find Shifts via the Map View Feature!

If you're finding it tedious to scroll through hundreds of shifts in the Shift Listing View tab, perhaps a better option for you is to use the Map Listing View feature of the Clarity Locums app.

To get started, open your Clarity Locums app. Head to the 'Locums' section on the menu bar, and at the top, choose 'Map Listing View'. This will bring up a map, based on where you've set you default location.

Map View

Step One:

Once you've narrowed down your search to your desired area, any available shifts will be indicated by a number on the map. 







Shifts Step Two:

Once you click the number of shifts available you will then see this “cluster” via the list interface which is ordered by the date with the soonest shifts appearing first. You can apply directly for shifts from here.






Map ViewSingle locum shifts will be indicated on the map by a red pin, rather than a number. 


You will be able to tap into this and view the details of the available shift.


You can download the Clarity Locums app today:

Download for iOS 

Download for Android


Posted on 13 July 2022 by Hannah Phipps
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