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Preparing a CV as a Locum GP

Considering locuming as a General Practitioner?

Most clients or practices will still want to review your CV and possibly organise an interview or telephone call before you can get that booking.

It’s vital to have a good CV ready to hand to be able to outline your experience and qualifications to date! This locum CV does not have to be as detailed as your main General Practitioner CV but it is recommended to include as much information as required.

Where to Begin

To start your CV we would recommend having your name, contact information (email and phone) and location. It’s nice to also add a personal summary - your current role, what you are seeking or indeed some details from your CV you are proud of.
eg. "I am a medical specialist in the field of [specific area], looking to further my medical career. I have extensive experience in both the private and public sector having [years] of clinical practice. I am looking for my next opportunity in a [permanent/locum] role within a [type of hospital/facility] and/or [department] where I can further my medical profession."

Professional Experience

The next section should provide details about every medical-related job position you've worked or currently hold. Starting from most recent; it should be laid out in chronological order. Including the organisation, job title and length of service. It is highly recommended to add concise notes on your roles and responsibilities during each job specification.

If you're a mid-level or recently graduated general physician, you can separate your postgraduate training into this section. We would recommend to include key details about any internships, fellowships or residences you completed. For example, you might describe specific tasks from each training opportunity. You should provide describing details about each institution you attended, tasks and responsibilities and indeed key learnings. This should also include specific hospital departments.

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Educational background

Underneath experience we advise the entire educational history. It's recommended to include all programs you completed, such as your undergraduate degree, medical school and any relevant graduate courses you completed or are completing. This section ideally includes the name of each institution, the type of program you attended and how many years you spent completing the degree.

Licensure and Certifications

A General Practitioner's CV must provide details about their medical accreditation and any postgraduate accreditations you have earned.

Committee Memberships and Volunteer Activities

Depending on your preference, you can add a brief description of tasks you performed per role. Consider noting significant positions you held in a committee or organisation, then any related accomplishments. It is a recommended addition to your Locum profile and CV.

Other experience to consider

  • Teaching experience - listed as separate roles under a separate heading
  • Publications - include details like the full title, your specific role and the year of publication

Important to Remember

  • A picture is not necessary.
  • Use words such as 'attained', 'completed', 'demonstrated' as strong action words.
  • Keep it simple - Use the font Arial, Times New Roman or Calibri in size 12 as this looks professional and is easy to read.
  • Explain any gaps in your working career.

Here at Clarity Locums we offer full support on setting up your Locum profile which includes CV writing or guidance.


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Posted on 27 April 2023 by Laura Mulchrone
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