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Introducing PharmaConsult

Introducing PharmaConsult

PharmaConsult an independent consultancy company established by Caroline Hogg MPSI. Caroline is also our lead consultant.

PharmaConsult recently worked with Clarity Locums to develop training material for locum pharmacists on pharmacy and medicines legislation, regulatory compliance requirements and pharmacy schemes. Caroline also presented on the regulatory and practice issues relevant to locum pharmacists at Clarity Locum’s recent information evening.

What PharmaConsult can do for you:

PharmaConsult offers regulatory compliance and practice review and development advice and services to pharmacists, pharmacy owners, chains and pharmacy and healthcare organisations throughout Ireland.

All our services support and enable pharmacists and pharmacy owners to optimise patient care, develop pharmacy services and/or meet regulatory compliance standards. Compliance services minimise risk and improve regulatory compliance thereby reducing the likelihood of negative patient, reputational or regulatory consequences for your pharmacy. Practice review, development and training services optimise the pharmacy’s efficiency, safety and regulatory compliance and can improve the pharmacy operation and services for the benefit of both pharmacists and patients.

Our Core Services are:

  • New: Pharmacy Regulatory and Practice Update and Advice Service (Subscription)
  • Pharmacy Audits (based on PSI Inspections)
  • Vaccination Service Audits (based on PSI Inspections)
  • PSI Interaction/ Response Services (Inspection, Registration, Fitness to Practice)
  • Pharmacy Assessment System Services
  • Practice Review and Development (Prescription Management, Care Homes etc.)
  • Quality Management System Review (SOPs, Error Management etc.)
  • Continuing Professional Development Assistance (E-portfolio etc.)

Further details of our new pharmacy regulatory and practice update and advice service and other core services are set out below.

Further Information:

If you would like information on any of our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Caroline who would be happy to talk you through the details and adapt our services to your needs.

Further information on PharmaConsult’s services, on Caroline’s experience and sample testimonials are available on our website. We also have a regular blog: you can sign up to email alerts by forwarding us your email address. We are based in Dublin and also offers services from satellite bases in Tipperary and Sligo.


Email: [email protected]; [email protected]

Phone: 087 4198376


Caroline will bring over 16 years regulatory and pharmacy practice experience to your pharmacy. Caroline’s experience spans the PSI, community and hospital pharmacy. Caroline’s roles at the PSI included pharmacy inspector and practice development pharmacist. Since establishing PharmaConsult she has provided services and advice to many community pharmacists and to national and international pharmacy and healthcare organisations. Caroline is passionate about pharmacy, particularly about improving standards and patient care, through training, audit and optimising pharmacy services.

Caroline will work closely with you to tailor any of our services to your pharmacy’s needs.

New Advice Subscription Service for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Owners/ Chains: We are now offering a pharmacy regulatory and practice update and advice subscription service. The annual service will include six written updates on regulatory and practice issues a year exclusively for signed up members and three half hour consultations (advice/ information via a combination of phone and/or email) on topics and at a time suitable to the subscriber. Subscribers will also have access to the service within defined short timelines. Modifications to this service are available on request. Pricing is competitive for this new service, particularly if you sign up before the end of February. Members can also avail of our other services at more competitive rates. If you want to sign up or think you might be interested in this service, please contact us for further information. Further information on this service will also be included on our website in the coming weeks.

Core Services:


Audits: Caroline’s audits are based on PSI inspections. Half day, full day or more detailed audits are available. Verbal and written recommendations for improvement are provided. This is one of our most popular services.

PSI Interactions: Advice and assistance when interacting with the PSI on registration, inspection or fitness to practice issues, including addressing any issues identified and responding to inspection reports. Caroline can work either directly with you or with your solicitors.

Pharmacy Assessment System: Review of and assistance with the Pharmacy Assessment System.

Practice Development:

Quality management systems (QMS): Caroline assists with introducing or updating QMS. As part of this process she reviews and, if necessary, updates pharmacies processes and procedures to ensure they are practical, safe and meet regulatory requirements.

Practice review and development: Review and the provision of advice on all areas of pharmacy practice, for example prescription services or pharmacy management.

Implementing or reviewing pharmacy services: Assistance with introducing or reviewing any pharmacy service, for example vaccination or testing services.

Medication management: Residential care home medication management services tailored to your needs.


Caroline also provides project management, CPD and pharmacist and pharmacy staff training services. Further details are available on request.

Please don’t hesitate to call or email if you would like information on any of PharmaConsult’s services or if you have any questions on what we can do for you.


Email: [email protected]; [email protected]

Phone: 087 4198376

Posted on 03 August 2019
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