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Interview with Brian Battles from Pharmacy Success

Can you walk us through the beginnings of your career in the pharmacy

My pharmacy journey started over 20 years ago, in Brogans Pharmacy, Boyle, Co.
Roscommon, a family run business built on excellent customer service and patient
care. From there I moved to working in hospital pharmacies and the PCRS,
eventually transitioning into senior commercial and operational positions, with some
of Irelands best known and successful pharmacy groups.

What prompted you to establish Pharmacy Success?

I have always been incredibly passionate about working in the pharmacy industry
and after being approached by a number of pharmacy owners over the years for
advice on various elements of running their pharmacies and the challenges they
face, I quickly realised that there was a big demand in the market for a business to
provide Pharmacy consultancy services and eventually decided to take the plunge
and from this Pharmacy Success Ltd. was born.

What services does Pharmacy Success offer?

While my core service offerings are centred around the following four pillars: Margin
Maximisation, HSE Claim Recovery and Process Improvement, Staff Training &
Improving Operational Excellence, I understand each pharmacy will come with its
own unique issues and so I offer a personalised solution, tailored to meet the specific
needs of each client. A sample of some additional services I am currently working on
for some clients includes, preparing for green field opening’s, integration planning for
the acquisition of an additional pharmacy, setting measurable KPI’s for staff and
conflict resolution advisory services.

How do you believe your experience can help pharmacy owners?

As someone with over 20 years’ experience in the industry, from field pharmacy to
roles in the HSE and PCRS, progressing to senior management positions in some of
Irelands best known and successful pharmacy groups, I believe the holistic
experience I have gained provides me with unique insights into all critical aspects of
this industry and the ability to add value for pharmacy owners. A relentless focus on
delivering excellent patient care every day makes it extremely difficult for Pharmacy
owners to give the commercial and operational aspects of their business the focus
they deserve. The mission of Pharmacy success Ltd is to work with Pharmacy
owners with advice and innovative solutions to the problems they face.

What do you see as the main challenges for pharmacy owners in Ireland at

Although the Pharmacy sector is buoyant and full of opportunity, Pharmacy margins
are also under increased pressures, with ongoing price cuts, increased running costs
together with medication shortages, the combination of these factors can create a
challenging environment for pharmacies, making it difficult for them to maintain
healthy financial margins.
The scarcity of skilled professionals poses a huge challenge in the sector and staff
engagement, training, and performance management has never been more
important to ensuring staff retention.

At Pharmacy Success my goal is to provide my clients with the support to address
these challenges head on and thrive.

Can you tell us about some of the highlights from your first month in business
with Pharmacy Success?

While setting up a new business is not without its challenges, I can honestly say that
the first month has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I am really encouraged
by the level of interest in the business from Pharmacy owners to date and I am
delighted that I decided to take the plunge and set up the business. One of the most
enjoyable aspects of the business to date was getting to meet my new clients who
are located across the country, engaging with them and their staff, understanding
their issues and concerns and providing innovative solutions. As I look forward I am
really excited for what the future holds for Pharmacy Success Ltd, the clients that I
will get to meet and the strong relationships that I will build with Pharmacy owners
from across the country.

How do I get in touch with Pharmacy Success Ltd?

More information can be found at just use the ‘Contact
Brian’ form on the homepage to get in touch or email [email protected].

Posted on 29 February 2024
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