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How to find the best locum jobs

Some pharmacists prefer to work full-time in one pharmacy and others prefer to travel as much as they can and work in different environments. People have different preferences. If working as a locum pharmacist is something you would like to do, there are a few things to consider to ensure you choose the best locum opportunities.

Chose a good locum agency

A locum agency is probably the easiest way to find locum jobs and the best way to get started. There are several locum agencies out there and it is important that you make sure you choose a good one. Before choosing an agency, it is advisable that you check a few things, such as how many years of experience they have in pharmacy recruitment, how many jobs they have available and how often, what the hourly rates and locations are, company’s reputation, the services they offer among other details. Choosing a good agency that works in collaboration with you is essential to find the best locum jobs and to ensure that everything will run smoothly.

Determine what you want

Determining what your needs are and what you are looking for would be the first step, even before finding an agency. Having a plan about the type of position you are looking for, locations you would like and would be willing to work in, the payment you need, etc, will help you find the agency that matches what you are looking for and will also help them to understand what you expect. Here are some topics to review beforehand:

Where would you like to work?
Where are you willing to work?
How far are you willing to travel to go to work?
What is your weekly availability?
Are you looking to work full days or half days?
What is your ideal hourly rate and negotiation margin?
Do you want to work in the same place or more than one pharmacy?
What kind of services can you offer?

Once you determine what you want it’s easier to find a locum agency that matches your needs.

Keep up to date

A good agency will keep you up to date on the latest locum opportunities. Once you find the right jobs for you, talk with the agency and ask for further details (job details, requirements, documentation needed, additional benefits, etc). They should keep you informed and support you on every step of the process. Communication is key!
Some pharmacies provide extra training to their staff for free, so checking if any training will be provided to you as well is always a good idea. Additional training is a great opportunity to improve your skills and boost your CV for future opportunities.  


At Clarity, we have several years of experience in pharmacy recruitment and offer a completely free and unmatched service for pharmacists. We have a number of locum opportunities available across Ireland and also in the UK and New Zealand. Through our app or website you can find and apply for shifts within your area, go on-call, manage your work schedule, upload documents and much more! If you are looking for the best locum opportunities, download Clarity Locums App or register on our website for FREE and keep up to date on the latest locum opportunities!


Obs: To work as a locum pharmacist, you will need to be garda vetted. Where you have to register will depend on the country where you will be working. For Ireland, please visit the National Vetting Bureau website.

Posted on 25 August 2021
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