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Feedback Survey and Winner!

Blog Thumbnails 50A big thank you to all our nurses who participated in our ‘feedback survey’ we recently emailed. At Clarity Locums we value our nurses feedback to help us continually improve our services and we endeavour to do our best to implement changes to reflect a more positive working environment. We want to make it as easy and seamless as possible for you! Nursing is a hard enough job as it is, we don’t want to make it harder! As you may be aware, our Clarity Locums nursing desk is relatively new to the agency nursing market and it is our goal to become a top brand in the nursing industry in Ireland. In order to do that, we need the continuous help of our nurses' feedback to make ongoing improvements and adjustments.

Some of the feedback we received so far reflected on the following:

Our sign up process.

Many nurses commented on how easy the initial registration process was and that it was hassle free as you can upload documentation straight onto the app. This is a feature we find many people love as it puts the power in your hands to easily upload your mandatory training. Working a night shift and you’re bored on your 3am break? No need to wait for a recruitment consultant to upload your documents for you-feel free to pop them on the app or website yourself! This can be done by taking a photo of your printed cert or uploading a PDF. However, if IT is not your cup of I-tea, feel free to pop us an email and we can easily upload your certs for you, no problem! You can also post them to our office address but we always recommend posting copies and not your original certs.

Things that would make the compliance and onboarding process easier.

A lot of the feedback we got here revolved around less documentation and the sign up process feels quite complicated. Admittedly, we know that the compliance process can be long and rigorous upon initial sign up with many forms to complete. We don’t sugar coat this to our nurses and try to tell them this from the start. We know how overwhelming this can be for nurses. There’s really no way to cut down upon the documents as everything we request is in line with the HSE requirements to work as an agency nurse. Unfortunately we cannot book HSE shifts without the correct documents in place. However, we have tried to make this easier by checking in with our nurses regularly and seeing if there are any questions they have at any point. We also have created a helpful ‘New Starter Training Pack’ to guide our nurses through each section.

Our New Starter Pack

Nurses have found this helpful, clear, succinct and easy to use. They also found it user-friendly and convenient. This is music to our ears and exactly what we were hoping for! We designed this starter pack with your convenience in mind. The PDF has links that can provide you with more information on each document required. For example, it has links for International Police Clearance and payment links for our training support such as Fire Training. The second page is presented like a ‘checklist’ so you can print it off and tick the boxes to help keep track of what is completed. Clarity Locums are also available as an agency on HSEland if a nurse needs to update her HSEland certs.

Shift Availability

Although we have many shifts available for nurses, some of the feedback we got on this included that people would like to see more shifts available in places such as Limerick, Kerry and also more private clinics nationwide. These are locations we are continuously working on expanding our shift availability and we are open to receiving direct requests from nurses as to what facilities they would love to work in. We are happy to contact your preferred facilities and check them out for you. Get cracking on that ‘shift wish list’ and get in touch with us!

General Feedback

In general the other feedback we have received was overall very positive and that they have found the staff very helpful and pleasant to deal with. People have commented on how easy it is to verify shifts and that they would like to see ‘Agency Nurse of the Month’ continued. We have also received requests for reduction in the prices of training-something we are looking into for future reference to make it more cost effective for our nurses. It has also been requested to have one point of contact for nurses to get in touch with-something we are also working on for a smoother onboarding process.

Overall, we are very happy with the feedback we received and will utilise this moving forward to try to implement more positive changes to our services we offer. Now without further delay (and what you are really reading this article to find out) there is a prize for one lucky winner for competing in the survey. On that exciting note…the winner is…. Devin Landis!!!

CONGRATS Devin Landis and we will be in touch with you to send you your prize very shortly!

For more information on agency nursing you can read our blogs here.

Posted on 31 January 2024
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