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5 Essential Traits of Successful Locums in 2023

Locums play a critical role in the healthcare system, filling temporary positions and providing essential healthcare services in a variety of settings. To excel in this demanding role, being able to adapt to diverse environments, provide high-quality care, and maintain professionalism is key.

As an established locum agency in Ireland with 10+ years of history and hundreds of active locums, our team has come to understand how to stand out as a first-class locum.

5 Vital Traits of Successful Locum Pharmacists

Locum pharmacists carry a lot of responsibilities on a daily basis. To keep everything in check and build a reputation as a quality locum, you need to make sure that your demeanour upholds the highest industry standards.

Based on our experience and that of our locum pharmacists in Ireland and the UKwe've listed out five of the most essential traits to have as a locum pharmacist in 2023 below.

#1: Adaptability

In the dynamic landscape of healthcare, adaptability is a crucial trait required by locum pharmacists.

Firstly, you need to navigate working in different pharmacies and healthcare settings. Being prepared to travel different distances each day is necessary when working in a variety of stores.

You will also be working with different teams, workflows, and dispensing systems on a daily basis. Being able to adjust and adapt accordingly will allow you to excel in every locum shift you book and it will help you provide efficient, quality care to customers.

Pharmacist talking with a patient

Adaptability is one of the most important locum pharmacist traits

#2: Expertise

Due to the demanding nature of the job, locum pharmacists must be confident in their knowledge and skills. One way of ensuring that you are up to date on the latest pharmaceutical developments and guidelines is to engage in continuing professional development (CPD).

This commitment to lifelong learning guarantees that you are providing the very best possible care to patients, as well as increasing productivity within the workplace.

#3: Communication Skills

To ensure that everything runs smoothly in the pharmacy, good communication is vital. As a locum pharmacist, you must be able to interact not only with the support staff within the pharmacy but also with other healthcare professionals, and most importantly, patients.

The ability to clearly communicate and explain things ensures that patients understand their medications and any potential side effects. Although you may not be in the same pharmacy from day to day, it’s important to treat every community with kindness and respect!

#4: Time management

There’s no doubt that pharmacies can be busy environments, and inefficient time management can lead to chaos. In order to succeed as a locum pharmacist, it’s important to have a good time management system in place. You need to be able to: 

  • prioritise tasks,
  • handle multiple prescriptions simultaneously,
  • ensure that patients receive their medications in a timely manner.

Effective action planning, delegation, and goal setting are all useful methods of managing time. And by managing your time, you free up yourself to book more pharmacy jobs.

Pharmacist on the phone

Clarity Locums has thousands of pharmacy shifts available across Ireland & the UK

#5: Attention to detail

Mistakes can happen in any role, but for a pharmacist, they can have serious consequences. As a locum pharmacist, you need to be scrupulous in your work. Make sure that you are:

  • double-checking prescriptions,
  • paying attention to dosages and labels,
  • serving the correct patients.

What about other locum traits?

In addition to these traits of successful locums, you should also maintain a commitment to ethical and professional standards, including patient confidentiality and a dedication to providing high-quality pharmaceutical care.


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Posted on 10 October 2023
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