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Enviro FWA offer - Save 5%

Enviro FWA offer - Save 5%

Enviro Fire Water & Air are committed to being at your side every step of the way and there is no better time than now! Give your customers the confidence they need to support your business. As we all recover from the effects of the Coronavirus, make Enviro FWA an integral part of your Business Recovery Strategy.

Enviro FWA can help you to discharge your Statutory Health and Safety Duties. Enviro FWA are able to provide you with a number of proven solutions that enable you to confidently continue your business' operations while providing reassurance to your customers that they are entering hygienic premises

Enviro FWA understands that this pandemic will change the way businesses operate going forward, therefore in order to help you to adhere to new social distancing and hygiene regulations we have introduced our new Hygiene Station Unit to help combat Covid-19.

The Hygiene Station enables hand sanitiser to be dispensed using a foot pump mechanism. This will prevent the passing of any bacteria or viruses by eliminating the need for hand contact.

Enviro FWA is also supplying a 5 liter Hand & TouchPoint Sanitiser that has been lab-tested against all viruses, including Coronavirus.

hygiene station foot pump dispenser

Hygiene Station Foot Pump Dispenser

There are now 4 options:

  • Small unit Painted steel (holds 2 litre of hand sanitiser)
  • Small unit Stainless Steel (holds 2 litre of hand sanitiser)
  • Large Unit painted steel (holds 5 litre of hand sanitiser)
  • Large unit stainless steel (holds 5 litre of hand sanitiser)

Key Features are:

No Power Supply required
Free Standing & Mobile
2/5 Litre Easy Change System
Robust - Made from Stainless Steel
Can be personalised with your coampanies livery.

Quote "Clarity Locums" when making your order you will be able to avail of a once-off 5% discount

How does Enviro FWA deliver this reassurance?

Our extensive and unique range of services and products ensure potentially harmful and hazardous substances are removed

All our Services and Products have undergone rigorous assessment and testing to ensure they are safe, discrete and legally compliant.

Our Site Technicians are all highly skilled and have completed extensive training to ensure any Services you receive are expertly and professionally delivered.

We will provide you with Certification to assure your Customers that your Premises have been subject to rigorous cleaning procedures and effective preventative measures are in place to protect your Staff and Customers / Clients.

Our products can be used to ensure every aspect of your Business is covered including Customers, Staff, Entrance / Exit Points, High-Risk Areas, and Deliveries

If you would like more information or have any queries, their sale contact is below and is happy to assist.

hygiene station sports facility

Quote Clarity Locums when making your order you will be able to avail of a once-off 5% discount

Michelle O'Neill
028 90767883 / 07927553027
[email protected]

Posted on 21 May 2020
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