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Locum App Recap: Email Notifications

Have you recently updated your availability but aren't receiving emails with potential shifts? 

It might be your notification settings! In order to get notified with the latest locum pharmacy shifts, make sure you have your email and SMS notifications turned on. This will allow our online booking platform to automatically update you with the latest available vacancies. Find out below how to do this both in the app and online.

Using the Clarity Locums App

Step 1: Head to the 'Profile' Section in the 'More' tab

Screenshot 2022 12 14 at 16.34.46

Step 2: Tap on the 'General Settings' to reveal notification options

Screenshot 2022 12 14 at 16.35.26


Step 3: Use the Sliders to turn on your preferred method of notification

Screenshot 2022 12 14 at 17.35.26

Step 4: Make sure to save your settings using the 'Update' button at the bottom of the screen!

Screenshot 2022 12 14 at 16.36.02



Using the Website

Step 1: Head to the 'Settings' icon in the top right hand corner of your Clarity Locums account

Screenshot 2022 12 14 at 16.48.21


Step 2: Click on the 'Notification' option from the menu

Screenshot 2022 12 14 at 16.47.49

Step 3: Use the sliders to turn on your preferred notification settings and hit the 'Save' button in the bottom right.


Once these settings are amended, you will then automatically updated with the latest locum shifts.

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Posted on 14 December 2022 by Hannah Phipps
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