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Covid-19 / Coronavirus lockdown reintroduction

Covid-19 / Coronavirus lockdown reintroduction

The Government has decided that travel lockdowns must be put in place in County Offaly, Kildare, and Laois in order to contain the spread of Coronavirus following the discovery of several clusters in this area over the past number of days. This means that locums working or traveling through these counties on the way to work must hold proof of their status as essential healthcare workers.

The Government has decided that everybody should stay at home until except for the following situations:

  • to travel to and from work, or for purposes of work, only where the work is essential health, social care or other essential service and cannot be done from home
. Pharmacists, technicians and other pharmacy workers are permitted to continue to work
  • to shop for essential food, beverage, and household goods or collect a meal
  • to attend medical appointments and collect medicines and other health products
  • for vital family reasons, such as providing care to children, elderly or vulnerable people
  • to take brief individual physical exercise within 2km of your home, which may include children from your household, as long as you adhere to strict 2m physical distancing
  • for farming purposes, i.e. food production and/or care of animals

When traveling to and from work you will need

  • Proof of identification - you will often have this uploaded into the document section of your app.

Such as your passport or drivers license

  • Proof of employment

Below we illustrate how your Clarity Locums app will demonstrate where you are working or where you have worked.

1. On the way to work.

If you are asked the reason for your journey, you can show the Gardai your booking confirmation and even your intended route by accessing your booking on the app as per the video below:


covid blog 1 

2. On the way home.

You can simply show your completed timesheet on the app as per the video below.


covid blog 2 

3. Letter attached to all booking emails

Clarity Locums attaches a letter to all booking confirmation emails that details the locums status as a healthcare worker. This will be found in the attachment section of your email client, typically towards the bottom of the email. An example of how this letter appears is below:



Posted on 07 August 2020
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