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Clarity Locums opens New Zealand branch

Clarity Locums opens New Zealand branch

Ever since its founding in 2012 by managing director Anthony O'Neill, Clarity Locums has striven to offer a level of reliability, efficiency, and quality unrivaled within the pharmacist recruitment sector. Through our commitment to these values, as well as the knowledge and experience of the pharmacist-led management team, Clarity Locums soon established itself as a leader within the Irish market. In keeping with our spirit of continuous innovation and improvement, we soon expanded operations into Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom through the opening of a new office in Belfast.

While continuing to improve and develop our existing services, Clarity Locums also sought new avenues of expansion further afield. Three years ago, an extensive research and development process began, aimed at developing proprietary software to facilitate access to a global market. By pooling the skills and know-how of business owners and temporary workers with the expertise of a wide variety of professionals in the data science, software development, human resource, and legal fields, we created a novel temporary staff management platform, AER Temp, that offers users the real-time analytics they need in order to anticipate crucial business decisions in a competitive and fluctuating market place.

Aided by the development of AER Temp, Clarity Locums is proud to announce the next step towards global expansion: the opening of our first international franchise in Auckland, New Zealand. Irish pharmacist, Justin Polley, has taken on this franchise and has gained extensive experience in the past working across Ireland as a locum. Initially, Justin will focus on the provision of locum pharmacists within the New Zealand pharmacy industry, however, plans are already in place to extend the business into the medical sector later this year with a greater focus on healthcare locums.


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With the opening of a further two franchises expected in the coming months, our global operations are quickly developing, and so too are opportunities for others within the broader healthcare and recruitment industries to get involved. Clarity Locums offers prospective franchisees the ability to achieve rapid market penetration through the use of our in-house technology and a robust and replicable business model, in addition to the extensive support provided by our team of experienced consultants and business owners. With a modest start-up cost, a Clarity Locums franchise will provide self-motivated individuals the chance to run and own their own business, as well as the expert guidance and advice we have garnered through more than a decade of working in highly regulated healthcare markets. Any interested parties can contact our franchising division directly at [email protected]



Posted on 08 January 2021 by Anthony O'Neill
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