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Clarity Locums App Recap: Negotiating Locum Rates

Want to see if you can get a bit more cash for your locum shift? Here's how!

From our feedback surveys we know that locum rates play a big factor when it comes to booking shifts. The Clarity Locums website and app gives you the option to negotiate these rates and potentially receive a higher earning! Find out how below. 

Step one:

App - Shift Once you've selected the shift you want to book in the locums tab, you can review the deatails of the shift in the top section of the screen. Here you will see the rate per hour, as well as the holiday pay, base pay, and total pay. 


To negotiate rates, tap on the 'Negotiate' button on the bottom half of the screen. A pop up will appear.








Step Two:

Negotiation on App This pop up will allow you to enter how much you would like to negotiate for, as well as any additional requirements for your offer. Once you have entered these and are happy, tap the 'Make Offer' button below. 


Your negotiated amount will then be either approved or denied. 




Download the Clarity Locums app today:

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Posted on 27 July 2022 by Hannah Phipps
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