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Checklist for Locuming with Clarity (ROI)

At Clarity Locums, we strive to make the locum booking process as smooth and efficient as possible. To ensure a hassle-free experience and to complete your registration, we have put together a checklist below of the documents and information that you will need to provide. Once you have uploaded the following to your Clarity Locums accounts, you'll be well on your way to securing rewarding locum shifts!

All of the required information can be uploaded to your Clarity Locums accounts via Menu > My Documents.

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Required Documents:

PSI Certificate

  • To verify your professional credentials, please upload a clear photo of your PSI Certificate.

Passport and Proof of Eligibility to Work

  • If applicable, make sure to upload a copy of your passport as well as proof of eligibility to work. Non-EEA nationals are required to provide their visa/work permit and IRP card.


  • Please upload an up-to-date version that highlights your relevant expertise in the field of pharmacy. This document will help potential employers understand your background and suitability for locum positions.

HSELand Children First Cert

Bank Details (BIC and IBAN)

  • To ensure prompt payment for your locum shifts, please provide your bank details.

PPS Number

  • Please provide your PPS number to facilitate smooth processing and ensure compliance.

Current Address

  • For tax-related purposes, it is crucial to provide your current address. This information helps Clarity Locums accurately report your income and ensure legal compliance.

Reference Submission

To enhance your credibility as a locum pharmacist, we require the contact details and name of a supervising pharmacist you have previously worked with within the Republic of Ireland. Please submit this information via More > Profile > Reference. This reference will serve as a valuable endorsement of your professional capabilities.

Screenshot of the Clarity Locums App

Any other questions? Get in touch!

Call our team on (01) 532 5441 or email us at the button below.

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Posted on 21 June 2023
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