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Cancellation Requests Guide & Policy

Clarity Locums recognises that from time to time a locum may need to cancel a shift. Such cancellations, however, may potentially result in significant disruption of continuity of care for the pharmacy. In addition, it may place added time pressure on the agency to find a replacement locum. In these circumstances, locums are urged to act with due professionalism and care, taking into account the needs of all parties that may be affected by their cancellation of a shift.

In principle, Clarity Locums seeks to operate a fair and balanced approach in implementing its cancellation policy taking into account the needs of the locum, the client, and the agency.

How do I cancel a shift with Clarity Locums?

If you need to cancel a shift we would ask that you attempt to source an alternative locum who will complete the shift as originally booked.
The agency must judge that the alternative locum is a suitable replacement for the shift in question.

If this is not possible, and the booking is outside of three working days (Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays), you can request a cancellation via the booking system by clicking the "Request Cancellation" button on your booking via your account. To submit the request you will need to provide a reason for the cancellation and an alternative date. Once this request has been submitted your day will be cancelled.

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Short Notice Cancellation Policy - Locums

As mentioned above, cancellations made within 3 days of the intended shift potentially place pressure on continuity of care in the pharmacy and on the agency to supply the needs of their client, at such short notice.

Cancellations with less than three working days' working days (Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays) notice must be rung into the office on 01 532 5441 and followed up with an email to confirm the request.

It is your responsibility to follow the steps below to ensure your cancellation is communicated to the agency and that confirmation of cancellation is received.

Step 1: Phone

Please call the office on 01 532 5441 and dial 1 for the locum team. Out of hours, please transfer to the emergency line and wait for an answer. You cannot leave a voicemail under any circumstances. You must speak with a member of staff.

Step 2: Email

Please email the staff member you spoke to in step one to confirm the cancellation.

Your cancellation is only complete once you have received an email from Clarity Locums confirming your cancellation.

Cancellations with less than three days notice must be accompanied by a sick note or a full explanation of the circumstances that have led to the short notice cancellation. The circumstances of such cancellations are reviewed by Clarity Locums. The agency attempts to be fair and balanced in its handling of these situations, case by case.

If a locum cancels a booking within three working days (Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays) of the intended shift and does not provide an acceptable alternative locum to cover the shift as originally booked, the agency may be required to pay a higher rate to secure an alternative locum.

Locums should be aware that this increase in rate will normally be charged to the locum, even if the circumstances that have led to their late cancellation were outside of their control.

Repeated short notice cancellations will result in disciplinary action against you and may result in termination of your account with Clarity Locums.

Repeated, High-Frequency Cancellations

Once a locum cancels 6 or more shifts in a calendar year (please note this includes cancellations both within the short notice period and outside it), Clarity Locums reserves the right to take the following actions:

  • A cancellation processing fee of 20 euros may be charged to the locum for any further cancellations, irrespective of the notice period associated with the cancellation.
  • The locum may no longer qualify for any compensatory payments in relation to short notice cancellations by clients or the agency.
  • The locum’s ability to negotiate the hourly rate for shifts may be revoked by the agency.

The circumstances of cancellations are reviewed on an ongoing basis in Clarity Locums, taking into account any representations from Locum or Client as may be received. The agency attempts to be fair and balanced in its handling of all these situations, case by case.

Short Notice Cancellation Policy - Clients

If a client cancels a locum within three working days of the intended shift they are obliged to pay the locum for 4 hours of the canceled shift if Clarity Locums or the said employer is unable to secure them an alternative shift.

We cannot guarantee an alternative shift precisely the same as the canceled shift. Occasionally the shift offered will be in a different location and at a different rate and or hours.

The locum must maintain their availability until the start time of the canceled shift in order to qualify for this payment. If an alternative shift is offered to the locum the client’s liability for four hours is void.


  • NB: Cancellations from clients or the agency due to poor performance on the locums behalf will not result in any compensatory pay outlined above.
  • NB: Cancellations from locums or clients due to "Status red" weather warnings will not be liable for any cancellation fee or penalty.
  • NB: You cannot cancel shifts via email, SMS or via our Chat module. Attempts to cancel shifts using any other means than the methods outlined above may result in a delay in cancellation being processed by the agency, which may result in the cancellation being processed via the short notice policy outlined above irrespective of the initial notice or the reason that brought about the cancellation originally.

Download Our Cancellation Policy Here

Posted on 13 October 2022 by Hannah Phipps
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