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May 2020: Cancelation follow ups

May 2020: Cancelation follow ups

As we move through the COVID-19 pandemic we have noticed that an increasing amount of locums have had their locum days canceled. While cancelations are an unfortunate and enduring occupational hazard to all participants in the locum market, we are mindful that the gaps these cancelations result in are not always immediately refilled due to recent changes in the demand for locums.

For this reason, we have upgraded our system so that all locums who are canceled for a confirmed day will now be preferentially texted and emailed within seconds of a new day being listed for the day that they were canceled.

It is important that you apply via the system once you receive this email or SMS, as by the time you reply to the SMS or email another locum that was canceled on that day may already have applied for the day.

We are continuing to optimise our system for both locums and clients and would urge you to contact Anthony via his email [email protected] with any suggested features

Posted on 01 May 2020
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