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App Update: Raising Payment Queries

When it comes to locum work in the UK, pharmacists are generally paid directly by the pharmacy. Sometimes, this can lead to pharmacists experiencing issues with payment processing. Payment hiccups can be frustrating, but don’t worry! Clarity Locums has rolled out a new app update designed to simplify the process of addressing payment-related issues.

New Feature: Raising Payment Queries

Clarity Locums understands the importance of timely payments for locum pharmacists. To enhance user experience and address payment issues efficiently, we have introduced an app update: ‘Raising Payment Queries’. Below are the steps to use this updated feature:

1. Access the ‘Earnings/ Bookings Info’ section

Open your Clarity Locums app, and navigate to the ‘More’ tab in the bottom bar. Select the ‘Earnings / Booking Info’ page from this list.

Clarity Locums App Menu

2. Filter Your Bookings

In the 'Earnings/ Bookings Info' section, you'll see a button labelled 'Filter My Bookings.' Click on this to adjust the date range to match the time when you worked your shift. This step ensures that you are focusing on the relevant bookings.

Filter your shifts option on the Clarity Locums app

3. Select the Shift in Question

Once you've narrowed down your bookings to the specific time frame, you should be able to select the shift for which you want to raise a payment query. Find the relevant shift in the list and click on it to proceed.

Completed shifts on Clarity Locums app

4. Raise Your Payment Query

Once you've selected the shift, you'll see an option labelled 'Raise Payment Query.' Click on this button to begin the process of addressing your payment concern.

Raise payment query option on Clarity Locums app

5. Describe the Issue

In the provided space, type in a clear and concise description of the payment issue you're facing. Be as detailed as possible to help our team understand the problem. After providing the necessary information, click 'Submit'.

Box to write your payment query in on the Clarity Locums app

After submitting your payment query, a dedicated member of the Clarity Locums team will investigate the issue and ensure that the problem is resolved as soon as possible.


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Posted on 27 September 2023
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