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In the world of healthcare, uniforms are more than just clothing; they play a quintessential role in a nurse's identity.

These uniforms serve several crucial purposes, including projecting professionalism, aiding in infection control, fostering a sense of pride, and creating unity among nursing teams. At Clarity Locums, we understand the significance of nursing uniforms, and we've partnered with Diamond Designs, a leading uniform provider, to offer a 10% discount on a range of high-quality nursing uniforms. In this article, we'll delve into the importance of nursing uniforms and explore their fascinating history.

The Importance of the Nursing Uniform

Nursing uniforms are a symbol of professionalism and play a vital role in the healthcare sector. Here's some of the reasons why they are essential:

1. Professional Image:

Nursing uniforms help patients distinguish nurses from other healthcare professionals like doctors and therapists, ensuring clarity and confidence in the care they receive.

2. Infection Control:

Adhering to infection control guidelines, nursing uniforms become a critical tool in preventing the transmission of diseases, as they facilitate cleanliness and hygiene.

3. Pride and Unity:

Wearing a uniform instills a sense of pride among nurses working for healthcare organisations, promoting a shared sense of unity and belonging.

Clarity Agency Nursing Uniform

At Clarity, the uniform for agency nurses comprises a white tunic, navy or black trousers, and the appropriate black nursing footwear. We advise nurses to wear their Clarity nursing IDs at all times and have a neat and tidy appearance to abide with infection control recommendations. Certain specialised departments such as urgent care clinics, theatre or GP clinics may request that our agency nurses wear scrubs. Scrubs are designed for comfort, mobility and cleanliness – as a nurse myself I can attest to just how comfy they can be!

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To help support our nurses in purchasing uniforms for their agency nurse roles, we have partnered up with a top uniform provider Diamond Designs which has a large selection of fantastic nursing uniforms available at affordable prices. Their easy care, hard-wearing and flexible fabrics offer maximum durability to the trendy yet functional nurses uniform. To avail of your 10% discount code, simply contact your recruitment consultant at Clarity Locums.

A Glimpse into the History of Nursing Uniforms

Florence Nightingale lady with the lampThe history of nursing uniforms dates back to the 19th century when nurses, before the profession's formal recognition, wore simple attire similar to that of domestic servants while caring for patients. The most significant change in nursing uniforms occurred in the mid-1800s when Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing, revolutionised the nursing profession during the Crimean War. Florence recognised the importance of a distinct uniform for nurses to distinguish them from other healthcare workers and elevate their professional image.

Nightingale designed the first recognisable nursing uniform, which consisted of a long, dark dress with a white apron and cap. The colour choice was practical, as it concealed stains and dirt, while the white apron and cap symbolised cleanliness and purity. This iconic uniform quickly became associated with nursing and represented the caring and nurturing nature of the nursing profession.


Call the Midwife Nursing UniformsOver the years, nursing uniforms evolved to accommodate changing healthcare needs and fashion trends. During the early 20th century, nursing uniforms retained their traditional elements but began incorporating more practical designs for better mobility and functionality. In the 1940s and 1950s, nursing uniforms typically featured fitted dresses with buttons, collars and cuffs. Caps also played a significant role in the uniform, signifying different levels of nursing education and experience.


By the 1980s, nursing uniforms started to shift towards more gender-neutral designs. Dresses were gradually replaced with separate tops and bottoms, and caps began to fade out of use. Practicality and comfort became the most important considerations in uniform designs, with an emphasis on materials that were easy to clean and maintain.

In more recent years, nursing uniforms have continued to evolve with contemporary fashion trends while maintaining a focus on professionalism and practicality. Scrubs have become increasingly popular, especially in certain specialised areas of nursing, as they offer more comfort and ease of movement. Different colours and patterns have been introduced to distinguish different departments and roles within the healthcare settings.

Overall, the history of nursing uniforms reflects the changing attitudes towards nursing as a profession and the need for practical, comfortable, and professional attire that represents the care and dedication nurses bring to their patients. From the iconic white dresses and caps of Florence Nightingale to the modern and functional tunics, trousers and scrubs today, nursing uniforms have come a long way, yet they continue to symbolise the compassion and expertise of those that wear them.

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Posted on 08 September 2023
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