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Registering Clarity Locums as your employer - Republic of Ireland only

We have had a lot of queries from new locums about getting set up with Clarity Locums as an employer, the guide below goes into a lot of detail but if you have any queries you can chat via Intercom on the website or call the office directly to speak to the accounts team - 01 532 5441 - dial 3 for accounts.

Registering Clarity Locums as a New Employer

  • Open the link to Revenue’s MyAccount service, as below:
    Either register for an account if you do not already have one, or sign in to your account if you have previously registered.
  • Once logged in, under ‘PAYE Services,’ click ‘Update job or pension details.’
    Read the instructions that follow this page.
  • To add Clarity Locums, you will need the following information:
    - Our tax registration number: 9805511Q
    - We trade as Clarity Locums, but we will appear on the system as FTP Recruitment Ltd. This is not a mistake - this is our registered company name.
    - Your start date (first day worked)
    - Your pay frequency (monthly)
    - An estimate of your overall incomes (you can calculate this by considering how many days you expect to work per month multiplied by the average rate for these days). This will be unique to you and not something that we will calculate on your behalf.
    - If you have recently moved to Ireland, you may be asked to provide some additional information such as arrival date etc.
  • If you are only working with us, your tax credits will be allocated to us.
    To check this, once you have added Clarity Locums as an employer, return to the MyAccount page, and under ‘PAYE Services,’ click ‘Manage your tax 2019.’
  • If you are working with another company or hold another position, you will need to decide in what way you wish to allocate your tax credits so as to best benefit from your tax credits.
    Please note, we will not be able to discuss this with anyone on your behalf.
Posted on 10 July 2019
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