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July 2020: New in app document upload interface

July 2020: New in app document upload interface

Our latest app, launched earlier today features a new, enhanced document upload interface that makes unloading and keeping track of your documents easier than ever before.

1. Tap on the profile section of the app, then tap on "Your Files"

2. Select a document you have "Not Submitted", all "Not Submitted" document icons are red.

3. Choose one of three options to select your chosen document. (pictures, files, or camera)

4. Upload the document using your chosen method.

Now, your document icon is now blue rather than red and is clearly labeled as "Uploaded", along with the precise date and time you performed this action.

You can tap on any uploaded document and click view to have your document displayed in-app, allowing you to ensure the correct, up to date document is on file. You can replace the document on files at any stage by uploading a new one.

Once again, this enhancement came on foot of a suggestion by one of our locums so if anyone can think of any feature that might improve our app please email [email protected]

The video below shows this new feature in action when using the camera interface to capture your document.


giphy 2

Posted on 27 July 2020
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