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Oct 2019: New feature - Availability

Oct 2019: New feature - Availability

We have just launched our new availability function on our website.

This means you can notify us of your availability for up to three months in advance.

This will allow Clarity to send you a specifically tailored list of shifts, meaning that you will not have to spend hours scanning our emails, website, and app picking out the days that suit you.

A walkthrough of the functionality is below.

The feature is found on the homepage of your locum account.


Once you click on availability, a calendar module opens that allows you to mark yourself as available over the next three months.

Once you click a day, a green circle appears on the day, which logs you as available.

If you mark yourself as available in error or your plans change then simply click the day again to remove your availability.

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Posted on 02 October 2019
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