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Sept 2019: Important - New website feature - Negotiation

Sept 2019: Important - New website feature - Negotiation

We have just launched a powerful new feature on our website allowing you to negotiate the rate that you will work at.

This means you'll find out much quicker if the pharmacy is willing to pay the rate you have requested, allowing you to either book the day or look for alternative work.

Gone are the days of constantly checking for updated rates, hoping that when your preferred rate is listed that another locum doesn't take the day before you.

This feature is currently live on the website only, it will be added to our app later this year.

The screenshots below illustrate how the feature works.

Step one - Click the view / negotiate button for the shift you are interested in

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 Step two - Click negotiate once you have viewed the full shift details

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Step three - Enter the rate that you will book the shift at.

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Step four - Your offer will be accepted, rejected or counter offered by the client.

Posted on 06 September 2019
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