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An Evening with Contracting Plus

Are you a locum pharmacist who is considering working as a contractor? This month, Clarity Locums is hosting another webinar with Contracting Plus to provide you with all the information you need about their services.

Who Are Contracting Plus?

Contracting Plus are expert accountants for locum pharmacists. They focus on providing the best solution for you so you can be confident that you are always maximising your earnings. 

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Join us to learn more about the world of contracting

Webinar Details

The session will take place on 25th October at 7 pm.

Join the Contacting Plus team for a short presentation on the basics of contracting, and how it can benefit you as a locum pharmacist. Receive expert expense, pension & income protection advice, learn the benefits of contracting, and more within the space of just one hour!

The event is only and tickets are unlimited so please feel free to share the link with any friends or colleagues who you think may be interested. Looking forward to seeing you all.

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Posted on 12 October 2023 by Hannah Phipps
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