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Advantages of locuming in Dublin

Advantages of locuming in Dublin

There are over 130 pharmacies in and around Dublin and many job opportunities available for locum pharmacists and technicians. In this article, you will discover some of the advantages of locuming in Dublin.

Many pharmacies choose to hire locum pharmacists to fill in gaps, either because an employee is going on maternity leave or because someone got sick, going on vacation, or for other reasons. In addition, end of month claims and recent demand for vaccinator pharmacists have resulted in an increased demand for community pharmacists.

As a locum pharmacist, you will have the flexibility to choose the days you want to work through Clarity Locums App, which means you will have the freedom to decide on the days you want to work, which pharmacies, working hours, rates and know the locations in advance and more. All these advantages without the administrative hassle. Through Clarity Locums App you can find and book the best shifts in your area!

From the employer's point of view, pharmacies benefit from having access to exceptional locum pharmacists through our agency whenever necessary!

Due to the large number of pharmacies in the Dublin area and the high demand for locum pharmacists, hourly rates are generally higher than in other cities. It is no coincidence that many choose this city to work in.

In Dublin you can have the best of both worlds, lots of work opportunities and the chance to meet many other talented professionals, as well as being able to enjoy one of the cities with the best quality of life in Europe!

Dublin is known for its high standards of living, multicultural environment and economic development, with several companies choosing the city to establish their headquarters.

In addition, the city has a good public transport network that allows you to move quickly in the city and the surrounding areas. In Dublin, you also have the airport which allows you to easily travel to other European cities and abroad. If you are a non-Irish pharmacist, living close to the airport will allow you to visit your family abroad more often.

In Dublin everything is close by, you have several other companies and stores in the proximity and therefore the opportunity to develop your network and meet great people.

Pharmacies also generally have longer working hours which results in more shift flexibility.

If you are looking for locum shifts in the Dublin area, check out Clarity Locums App! In our App you will find many locum shifts currently available and ready to fill asap!

With our App you also have the option to go “on-call” in your area and to be contacted first for last-minute shifts! Mark yourself as “on-call” and be contacted first!

For more information on locum roles or any other questions, feel free to contact us!

Posted on 23 June 2021
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